CCG Watch Party?

Any rumblings of an official watch party for the big game?

Ritz maybe?


My wife would frown on that. :wink:


Anyone in north Houston I’ll bet the stacked pickle on 1960 would be a good place. They’re promoting UH basketball on their video board.


The university should hold an OFFICIAL WATCH PARTY in the Fertitta Center on Saturday.

That would be a good size for the amount of fans anticipated and there would be several amenities which could be used.

Someone needs to put this idea out there.


At $20 per car to park, it could be a real revenue generator!

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For $ 40.00 you can park in the Alumni Center parking lot.

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Any update on this? I haven’t gotten emails from Cougar Pride all season so if something has been sent out I never saw it.

Also, which are the most UH-friendly bars around Montrose/Washington/Heights area?

There is a watch party at Wakefiled Crowbar just north of the Heights in the Garden Oaks/Oak Forest area.

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cool thanks

Say it every time and will always say it.
Kingwood: The Draft Kingwood
Magnolia: The Draft 1488

Coog owned, food made from scratch, tons of beer options. Insiders hack, ask for the Banh Mi fries (bring stretchy pants)

Go Coogs beat that bearcat a$$!!

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Anyone in Galveston watching at a bar or restaurant?

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