CDH on ESPN Thursday 2-7-19

Coach will be on CFB Live at 4 PM Eastern 3 PM Central on ESPN2.

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CDH on again this morning on ESPN. Only coach on to talk recruiting. Said how easy
recruiting was and did not have to get on a plane to see 60 HS’s. Already paying big
dividends on PR having CDH. They had to ask about going from P5 to G5 and he said
no big deal. Didn’t realize he also took WVU from G5 to P5, so did that have some
bearing on the hire?


Seriously that P5-G5 question was so unnecessary. ESPN pushing their agenda. Do they ask P12 coaches about their chances of getting in the CFP? It’s about the same as the AAC these days.


Not exactly from G5 to P5. He coached 2012 WV to 10-3 with a Big East Title and an Orange Bowl win over Clemson 70-33. The Big East was still a BCS Conference at the time. WV leaves the Big East for the Big 12 in 2013. UH and the other C-USA schools joined the still BCS conference and rebranded American Athletic Conference. When the BCS was replaced by the CFP, the AAC lost its BCS/Power Status. WV went from BCS 6 to Power 5, UH went from BCS 6 to Group of 5. I really believe that the AAC lost its Power Status because the WAC folded. FBS went from 12 conferences, 6 Major and 6 Mid-Major, to 10 conferences. Would have looked Odd have 6 Power Conferences and 4 Non-Power conferences.