CDH Running a Tight-Lipped Ship


IMHO, there’s a pretty good chance that Dana doesn’t even know yet. At this point in time, our Fall camp could decide several position battles.


Agreed… but also, you want to gain an edge any way we can… Dana is different from Leach in that he will tailor the offense to fit to the strengths of the QB and players. Leach is the other way around, you have to play his offense, his way. Neither is right or wrong, but I like that Dana is more flexible. I like the idea of not giving Oklahoma much to prepare for. We have a slight advantage because we know exactly what Riley’s offense is likely to be. I think both teams will use even the same hand signals.

We need any advantage we can get to try and sneak a win at Oklahome. Possible? Yeah, but not easy.


They have enough tape of 8 yrs of Dana offense from West Virginia, in those 8 years I’m sure the offense changed and evolved and they have tape of us with Briles offense, so they will have a pretty good idea of what he will run, there are only so many plays and formations not an unlimited number

Its not so much as what he’ll run as when he’ll run it. As discussed ad nauseam, most college football playbooks have nearly the same exact plays, just different terminology and different wrinkles here and there. Nothing is new under the sun these days. The advantage that both teams will have going into game one is, no one will have film to see the tendencies in which they run play A or B. That’s what coaches do when they watch film, they look for tendencies and patterns they can exploit. CDH could give Riley the whole playbook and still win the game. We’ll see.

Right, it won’t be a mystery to OK… however, each team is obviously trying to get an advantage. The less they know the better.

Now if we come out and run the Veer only, THAT would be a surprise.

OU is having their spring game tonight.

That would kick their butt!