CDR and Volleyball are Rebuilding Team

I read where CDR has added five players to the squad.
After basketball is over it gives me something to look forward to going into the Fall.
Clearly the second best team on campus.


Track.has to be very close for second but I dearly love how our volleyball program has come along. Hoping our upsurge will lead to be able to help start getting some local talent.
I think we are seeing an upsurge in soccer and hopefully baseball.
Hoping for the same in men’s golf and softball.
Pretty sure our football program is in good hands


Agreed on the soccer part. Last season had a good squad (minus the game at home against Texas), but our scoring capability was horrible.

Hopefully our scoring will be more efficient & help us win more games this season.


From what I could glean, the newcomers seem a promising group. However, I don’t know enough to offer any insight. I do think the past performance of Coach Rehr and staff is enough for me to take a keen interest again come August.


Coach Rehr isn’t rebuilding.

He’s reloading/


Coach Rehr coached two JUCO national championship teams at Blinn.

I’m hoping he’s our next Wayne Graham–without the slow walk and constipated look.


UH w 3 straight away games before home finale is not ideal.

Good is debatable, but coach does deserve more time. Offense is definitely an issue.

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