Cedric Lath latest midyear enrollee to jump-start UH career



A sock-aided 6’10”.


why do they always cheat on these measurements?

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Why do we always assume that they do? Somebody says they’re a width of a sock from being 6’10" and then we assume they’re really 6’8". The “height” experts on this board are amazing! Almost as amazing as the uniform experts and the college re-alignment experts.


Didn’t Sampson measure him

And 18-19 year old kid are still growing. David Robinson was 6’2" when he entered Navy as a freshman.

6-10, but was he wearing shoes?

most 18 year olds are done growing. On this, I am an actual professional expert. Sure there are exceptions, my brother was one of them. but thats abnormal and doctors are so all over this (advanced and delayed growth) now that they probably know exactly how much growth these guys have left.


yeah, thats part of the problem! He probably was wearing stockings

I know this is true. Most are done growing, not all.

Allow me to correct myself… David Robinson was 6’6" when he was accepted into Navy. He was 7’0" when he left.

Hey! Hey! The white helmets DO suck! :face_with_monocle: :crazy_face: :sunglasses: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Man you guys really dragged this thread on the wrong direction

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So excited to have him here. Getting to bang every day and experience the leadership from Chaney and Sasser before they leave is a big deal.

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He looks 6-10 standing next to the other players. Of course they could all be 6-5 as it is clear the coaching staff lies about these matters😜

Francis looks 6-8, but rebounds, blocks and jams like a 7-0.

My socks are like 3 inches wide, so OMG is this dude like 6’7” or what?

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Human spines compress during the day so people are actually a bit a taller in the morning. If we want a legit chance at winning the national champsionship then Sampson should instruct the players to go to sleep 10 hours prior to game time during the tournament to maximize team height. Astronauts actually return from space several inches taller due to spine decompression in zero gravity. Sampson should seriously consider sending our front court to the international space station for several months in the offseason to increase team height.


We might need an actual professional expert to weigh in on this… if only we had one on the board.

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Bob Lanier arrived at St Bonaventure a 6’5" frosh. He was 6’11" Senior in the Final Four