Cedrick Alley to redshirt


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Disappointing :unamused:

I think they’ll redshirt both he and Adewumni. Both didn’t play vs UIW.

Alley has talent, especially on Defense, but he’s not ready offensively from the little bit I saw. If he can develop, could be a lot like LeRon Barnes.

Adewumni actually did see a few minutes, but not enough to cancel him being red-shirted.

Whoops, Missed that. Thanks.

To be fair, I was trying to get a handle on my kids at the end

Hey guys it’s Adewunmi lol !

Not surprising! He wasn’t going to play a lot. He’s still there god forbid we get hit by a rash of injuries.


Not sure he wasn’t going to play. Just too far behind everyone else…Like Fabian the kid has lots of upsize and will be a load for opponents in coming years. White may end up being a starter later on this season…

Before the game yesterday: