Central Michigan drops Track & Field

Ouch. Akron announced dropping cross country last week. I’m still waiting to see if we bring back (and they come back) our top seniors Dayo, Collins, Ware, and Holt.

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Yeah, I was about to post this also. Nice to know there is another track and field junkie on this board! But it is funny to me how the article says it lowers their varsity sports from 18 to 16. Does that mean track is a sport and field is a sport?

They may be counting the indoor and outdoor as separate teams though it would be the same athletes, but it does constitute two separate seasons with travel costs.

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Ah, yes. That must be it.

I got confused for a while how it dropped 2 sports too, lol. That is interesting that indoors and outdoors counts as two sports even though they are the same scholarships.

I’m definitely missing it right now, we would have just won outdoors and prelims would have been next weekend. The only reason I am not super bummed is because we didn’t have enough to compete for a championship at Nationals, top 10 would have been best case imo. I think our 4x100 would have been there, Collins in the 100, Dayo in the 110 hurdles, maybe one or two field guys, even our 4x400 wasn’t a sure thing (didn’t qualify for indoors). We may benefit from this virus because we have a few seniors who are elite college guys, but would probably not pick up any sponsorship right away as pros which means coming back is the smart move. Then adding some pieces to that like the South African sprinter who has already run 10 flat and we are right there taking a shot at the title next year!


All that and our field events are looking much better too!

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