CFB Insider: A self-esteem hire by Houston would be a major mistake

Wolken’s not a big fan of a Les Miles hire (Houston section is the 2nd section):

Fertitta seems determined to make a splashy hire, but the mistake here would be deviating from the formula that got Houston this far just because someone might leave down the road. Hiring 63-year old Les Miles, for instance, would essentially signal that Houston wants to do the exact opposite of what it has made it successful for the temporary ego boost of getting a big name.

Finding the next Art Briles or the next Kevin Sumlin or the next Tom Herman is the way to go for Houston, even if it means having to do it again in a few years.

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I think there are arguments either way. I also think the key is hiring a great HC that is still hungry, willing to adapt, and wants to be successful.

Dana art or Montie tie them in to a 4 year stay.

The question is who is the next Art Briles/Kevin Sumlin/Tom Herman? I think the closest thing to it is Lincoln Riley if not maybe Jeff Brohm, Blake Anderson, or Doug Meacham.

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Riley would probably be the next one. Think he’d do well here, but he needs a good DC otherwise we’re back to 49-42 games all the time.

He’d be gone in 2-3 years with any type of success though.

Thank you for posting. I sincerely could care less what he is writing about. I find it condescending. I trust in Mr. Fertitta and Mrs. Khator judgments.
What I would like to read from these writers is when will we see an 8 or 16 team playoffs.


This is essentially saying, “Hey Coogs, know your place in the college football world.” Why shouldn’t we go after a successful head coach instead of an up-and-comer. The end result in wins and losses could very well be the same and could be different, except for the fact that we don’t have to go coach shopping in 4 years.

We won’t know until we try, but I think it is safe to say that the administration, BoR, and the fans are all willing to give it a shot rather than to have to go through this in another 3-4 years again. It is too unstable on the business side. You build momentum, get the casual fans involved, and then boom… back to square one. We can’t keep doing this. We have to find a good coach that is willing to be here 8-10 years rather than 3-4, and it is worth the risk. Yes, it could backfire, but you never know until you try. It might be a decision that cements Houston’s future as the next “Miami”.


Personally, I think at this point in our system’s life, we need the big name coach (Les or Dana) to help put butts in the seats and move to the next level.

If we want to go with the up and comer, we have that in Coach Orlando.

I think it comes down to Les for 5 years, keep Applewhite and groom him to take over. Basically have Les teach him the business side.

If we go up and comer, yes, we will be in the same situation in 5 years, but at least if we go Les, we are grooming our successor and will keep the program on the same path.

When it all comes down though, I will support whom ever they choose.

Terrible comparison to Tulsa basketball. They hired an old assistant, how is that the same as hiring one of the best college football coaches over the last decade?

100% agree.
Regarding Miami or being the next Miami does not and will never apply to us. Here is why. Miami was an independent we are not. Miami got invited to the ACC as an independent. It did apply to us when we got invited to the SWC. We immediately won. The uta’s and atm’s got scared and torpedoed us every which way possible.That is why we are not in the small12. We are in the AAC because of them not because of us.
It is very convenient for writers to express their own feelings and at the same time twisting history.
His Utes were in the MWC and are now in the PAC12. Look at their record.

How and why did they get to the PAC12 and why did not U of H go to the small12?
That is what I would like to read about. Give us your expertise opinion Mr. Writer.

Why does Miami being an independent matter? I think when we compare UH to becoming the next Miami we mean turning a school into powerhouse because it’s located in the heart of a talent rich recruiting area.


The writer misunderstands. It’s not a “self-esteem” thing. It’s a “vision” thing. We aspire to greater things. Simple as that.

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Miami had their biggest success as an independent, but they didn’t get invited to the ACC as one. They were in the Big East from 1991-2003.


You are right it was not the ACC but the BIG East. We won’t be back as an independent but just extrapolate and think if we were. Could we schedule top P5 programs? I highly doubt it. 2016 is very different than the 80’s. The ACC consolidation sealed the deal for the P5’s. That is why it no longer applies to us.
Remember, Briles, scumlin and now th brought us back to the National stage. The question has to be asked. Why aren’t the P5 inviting us? You would think it would be a slam dunk. Again, why aren’t we getting an invite?
I have come to the conclusion that having the CFP to 8 or 16 teams might get us to a P5. Again, it might. The small12 or other P5 might be confronted with a situation where we do get the non P5 spot year after years. Again, it is down the road but this is not looking good at all.
Regarding the writer? Why were the Utes invited to the PAC 12 and we were not invited to the small12? That is one article/opinion that I would like to read…but will he. Again, I highly doubt it.
Against all odds WE WILL PREVAIL. WE ARE U OF H.

I think the article is way off the mark. How many schools have had coaches “move on” in the last 10 years more than we have had that happen? Every time we hire an up and coming coach, we only have two things happen, they have a few years of success and leave or a few years of failure and we fire them. Even though hiring someone like Miles is still taking a chance, it’s more of statement that we are a P5 school regardless of the conference we are in.

In fact I think Miles being 63 works in our favor. The longer he is here, no matter how successful he is, the less chance someone tries to outbid us for the 66, 67, 68 year old coach. Miles is also a competitor. He won’t retire after three years with a top 10 finish and a couple of conference championships. He would want to stick around for a National Championship or bust.

Would anyone really complain if in the next 5 years he has three conference championships, 3 top 10 finishes, 2 playoff appearances, 1 national championship and then retires?

Game has passed Miles by.

Wolken is right. Look for the next Briles, Sumlin, or Herman.

Kiffin is a good bet. A great offensive mind, great recruiter, and I would bet the maturity that he lacked in his earlier gigs.

“would essentially signal that Houston wants to do the exact opposite
of what it has made it successful for the temporary ego boost of
getting a big name.”

It would be stupid to be limited by a criteria as stated. More important criteria are:

  1. Can and will the HC hire assistants that get performances and improves the futures of the players?
  2. Can the HC manage a program successfully?
  3. Will the coaches recruit Houston and surrounding areas well?
    All of TH assistants except TO had Texas connections.

Miles has proven all of these.

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