CFN's Ranking of all 128 teams - Houston 6th

Take it for what you will as they don’t predict Houston to be the top G5 (Boise State #4), but do predict them to a NY6 bowl. I’m not sure an undefeated Boise State makes it in over some of the other teams directly behind them.

6. Houston

What’s Going To Happen? 11-1. The opening week loss to Oklahoma will be too much to overcome in the argument to get into the CFP. The Cougars will roll the rest of the way – and they’ll shock Louisville late in the season – but they’ll have to settle for getting a big bowl bid again.

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UH triumphantly returning to the Cotton Bowl is not settling in my mind

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Agree. If this is the worst case scenario this is a good thing. There is a good chance that even if we go undefeated that we would still have to “settle”. However, if we are in a NY6 bowl every year and keep winning…then we’ll get invited to the big dance. We should have proved our “worthiness” to the playoff committee.

I agree. BYU, Oregon State and Wash State will have to have very good seasons (e.g. BYU winning @ Mich St) and the MWC will need some other nice P5 OOC wins. A G5 taking the 4th CFP spot has to be a no-brainer for it to happen. A 1-loss P5 will usually get the nod unless the case is VERY convincing. The same holds for UH. Replace OU on the UH schedule with Wash St, Oregon St or BYU and I am wondering whether 12-0 will be enough. For G5, you need help from the opponents on your schedule especially the P5 you play and the P5 your G5 opponents play.

if we lose to OU and Boise wins all thier games we will be out of the CFP discussion anyway, but if we only lose to OU and win out, I am pretty sure we will rank above them with our schedule and get the ny6 game.

Agree with 88Coog… if that’s how this year plays out, Boise has no shot at a NY6.

I think it is a toss up between us with one-loss and Boise, who still holds sway with voters and possibly the CFP.

CFN ranks the Top 25 players in the American: #1 Ward, #2 Taylor, #16 Singleton

Of course the Cougars have a few key players on the list of the 25 top players in the AAC, but there’s plenty of returning talent coming back to a league that lost so much star power after a breakthrough season.

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