CFP championship thread

Anyone watching? Who do you like?

I don’t really care but I’m kind of pulling for Georgia even tho I don’t think they have any business being there since they lost CCG. Call me a hypocrite.

Should be a good one.

Barney Fife is trying to rehabilitate Otis Campbell on the Andy Griffith Show.

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I’m pulling for Larry the Dr. Pepper guy to make a big comeback.


Color guard ceremony kind of gave me the chills for some reason with the drummers from both teams.

God Bless America :us:

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Great anthem

Bama. The only time I ever cheered for Georgia was when their basketball team beat Memphis this year. That was sweet.

Georgia…I love UGA the Bulldog and I’m over Alabama winning it all the time :neutral_face:

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Wow! What was that? :flushed:

Arm going forward I believe.

Told ya!

Go Dawgs!!

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QB matchup is why Bama will win this (unfortunately).

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Herslow would have caught that…


Typical BOB call, sideways pass on 3rd down. BOB loves those long sideways runs and passes. BOB is UGA’s best weapon.

Beautiful tackle. Great stop

Georgia isn’t doing too bad playing against 19 guys…

Feels like the defenses are are a couple degrees better than the offenses tonight. Has a 9-6 feel.

I was wondering if UGA would ever figure that the quick pass was their best bet. That and long bombs. That may loosen them up and get their juices flowing.

What a catch!