CFP director 8-team playoff requires unanimous vote

But did it require a unanimous vote when they decided on only 4? I smell bs.

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Collusion case yet?

Not likely, but would make sense. smh

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Brave of Gundy to not toe the party line, making him a minority of one.

The biggest problem with an 8 team playoff is scheduling. You either increase the season for 1 more week of playoffs games, or you decrease the regular season by 1 week. I don’t see any P5 program being supportive of either one of those options. Not unless the networks dangle a massive carrot in front of them, or Congress brandishes a huge stick.

The FBS currently has the shortest path to a championship than any other level of college football, the NFL and high school football. There doesn’t need to be a 3 week gap between the conference championship games and the first week of the playoffs. So it’s more myth than fact to say expanding to 8, lengthens the season.

It was a unanimous vote though. It still is. Because it’s the conference commissioners voting and they are all under the foot of the TV networks and the Bowl games. Everyone of these commissioners fear for their job every year and the number one thing under the microscope is getting the best tv contracts and bowl deals possible.

The athletic directors need to take a stand and make the commissioners vote for what is best for college football and not what is best for tv and the bowls.


This won’t change until 2026 when the CFP contract runs out. My guess is, if TV and the bowls dangle enough money in front of the conferences, they’ll vote for another round of playoffs. Only question is whether they’ll include a G5 team in the mix.

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You do however add 1 extra game to the playoffs, particularly for the 4 teams making it to the semis, extending the season for those teams.

funny cause wasn’t gundy one of the ones who didn’t want UH in the big 12?

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Not extending it. Adding 1 more game earlier. 4 teams adding 1 more game to double the amount that make the playoffs. Not 8 because the 4 new teams are replacing bowl games they normally would have gone. Also schools that anticipate or have a goal of making the championship but think a 16 game season (12 regular, 1 conference championship and 3 rounds of playoffs) can go to an 11 game schedule.

There can also be a negotiation with the big boys that if they will support a new ranking system that only goes by current season results (no pre-season rankings/ratings), as in a compilation of RPI type rating formulas that require no pre-season ratings, then up to 3 teams from any conference can make the playoffs.


Bowls don’t like the playoffs. Bowls are represented by “agents” who call themselves volunteers but get cash gifts from hotels and vendors. These representatives get to make stipulations on minimum ticket and hotel purchases required. They lose all that power when the bowl is used as a playoff location… They need “make up bowl” games in place of the ones that they lost their power. Of course the teams in those elite bowls don’t have the same prestige they once had since they pick from the leftovers and aren’t part of championship talks so the volunteers get less cash gifts. It’s Illuminati-ish.

Reducing the regular season to 11 would cost the programs not making the playoffs a lot of money. Any system that requires reduction in regular season will face tremendous opposition.

Negotiations with the big boys on greater representation in the playoffs, will not necessarily work as there will be suspicion that SEC will be the primary beneficiary of such an arrangement.

The only way the playoffs expand to 8 is if the networks dangle a ton more money, and a revenue sharing agreement where the G5 gets a smaller share. G5 better be ready to make some kind of major concession on this.

Currently the P5 share equally, with each playoff participant getting the conference 10% more. Even if revenues double with playoff growing to 8, I can’t imagine the P5 being too keen to treat the G5 equally.

An 8 game playoff will add 1 game to the season for the 2 teams that make the championship game. I think that is doable.

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By the way, also said today:

The current playoff is Alabama and 3 teams. It is not working for the other 126 schools.


The 65 P5 schools still get paid. They don’t care. It’s only the programs that don’t share in the wealth that are crying about the unfairness of the system.

I’m all for this!

I said it would be a voluntary thing. The only schools that it would cost a lot of money are the ones that not only believe they can make it to the championship, but stand to make much more money even in years they don’t make the playoff. So that doesn’t hold water as an excuse to push against expansion. It’s like saying, giving employees more opportunity for overtime will cost them too much money if they decide to work shorter hours in other weeks.

I feel like this is going to go back and forth too much because the more details I put in to explain all the options, the more you will find a single detail in an attempt to turn the whole thing into an impossibility and then I explain why that isn’t true or what got misconstrued and either have too much detail or not enough detail and it never ends. This is why discussion in chat forums rarely get anything accomplished.