Cfp is on the verge of going to14 schools or...the big10 and sec to secede?

“He’d long known that the NCAA oversight was a joke — everyone knew that — but the brazenness of the attitude shocked the former financial advisor.”

Corruption is understatement, the well informed fan always knew how it worked the cow manure U’s of the world got away with ever they wanted, why U’s like us who didn’t have alum on the rules violation committee got punished for the sins of cow manure U. Why I look at the term “student athlete” with disdain and disgust.

I think the “death of NCAA Sports” rhetoric is such an overreaction.

These NIL pools depend entirely on universities themselves.

If an athlete was to go straight from high school to professional Tennis, they wouldn’t be getting any kind of special deals.

If they make any kind of money, it would be through specific sponsorships.

NIL is entirely different

How is NIL different from sponsorship? That is an interesting question because IMO they are basically the same. Thank you for expanding on the difference.