Cfp is on the verge of going to14 schools or...the big10 and sec to secede?
Did you catch the part of:
Three for the big 10
Three for the sec
Two for the BIG12
Two for the acc
One for the G5
Three at large…with a guaranteed sport for Notre Dame if they are ranked 14 or higher.
Now here is why this cfp even exists and why it is “doctored” again:
“The new model promises to be more weighted toward the SEC and Big Ten.”
Sources told ESPN that discussions have centered around the SEC and Big Ten earning somewhere between 25% and 30% of the CFP revenue. The ACC and Big 12 would be next, and they’d earn somewhere between 15% and 20%. That leaves a smaller chunk – somewhere around 6% to 10% for the other leagues and nearly 1% for Notre Dame.
Oh I almost forgot to add that the big10 and sec are in deep talks about seceding from everyone…
The acc renegade schools know a lot more than any of us know. Their goal is to catch the big10 and sec train before it leaves espn’s grand station. A p2 system will allow media outlets to concentrate their Dollars on them and give the rest bread crumbs. This is happening a lot faster than what is being told.


they haven’t even expanded yet, and they are already talking about MORE expansion?

I’d be perfectly fine with an 8 team playoff where no one gets a first round bye but I guess that just makes too much sense.

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espn latest article is pretty telling the tone too. It is written as if it is a fait accompli and we will have to accept it.

Arrogant but true statement

Sports Illustrated’s Pat Forde notes the 3-3-2-2-1 model “follows an attempted overreach proposed by Big Ten Commissioner Tony Petitti for the two richest conferences to get four bids each. That was not well received.” One administrator tells Forde that “there was pushback on four. That was egregious. Four ain’t happening.” Additionally, Forde notes that one “power-conference administrator expressed reservations about further marginalizing the Group of 5 leagues” and tells Forde: “They’re our feeder system. They feed us players, they feed us coaches, they feed us games, they feed us ADs.” But, Forde writes, once the coaches and athletic directors “move up to the power-conference level and experience all the advantages, they develop amnesia about where they came from.” Another administrator tells Forde: “I still believe in the concept of the greater good, the health of the entire enterprise. That’s not where we are going at the moment and perhaps has not been for a while. And while I believe that concept is the right way to operate, that approach in the long run is good even for the top dogs. A Darwinian approach is not going to enhance the enterprise.”


Let’s just get to 16 already with BIG/SEC going to 4 divisions each with their division winners getting auto bids (see a parallel to the NFL here?). Big 12/ACC 2 auto bids each. G5 maybe gets 2 bids, then 2 at large (or maybe still 1 G5 bid and 3 at large). Either way I think that is more of a stable end state. 4 wasn’t, 12 clearly isn’t and I doubt 14 will be either.


Yeah there is pushback on 4 right NOW…but let’s remember incremental change is much more easily accepted than rapid change. BIG/SEC will get with their tv partners at some point and basically realize that that there is more $ to be made by going to 4 divisions in each conference with their 8 division winners getting auto bids. They will tell Big 12, ACC, G5, that you get the bids we say or we go alone. That trump card will be pulled if needed although I don’t think they actually would want to go it alone. BIG/SEC should be pretty happy with 8 auto bids and the intrigue of 8 division winners - plus there will still be 2-3 at large bids left and they will usually win those. They will end up with 10ish teams out of 16 teams and be making loads of $. That should be a pretty stable point for a while. UH will be well positioned to have a chance for the playoff if we can get our program together.

If Big 12 and ACC can get the commitment from BIG/SEC to allow 2 auto bids each right now as we expand to 14, then we are set into the future once BIG/SEC ultimately restructure and ‘demand or else’ 4 bids each once the playoff goes to 16.

Either way you see where this is going…What struck me most was the part:
“One high-ranking official involved in the discussions told ESPN on Wednesday that the presidents and chancellors in both the SEC and Big Ten are having conversations about whether to continue their NCAA membership.”
That in itself is telling.

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College football officials already talking about a 14-team playoff (

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For the big10 and sec to get three each again sums it up. This is even before the at large. They are purposely pushing there way to secede from the ncaa. Their excuse to all will be:
We tried but we can’t keep losing financial opportunities.

A 14 team playoff is going to give the SEC and BIG 4 playoff teams every year…no one is going to leave when they have that setup…They got what they wanted, just like always. We get 2 autos, so we are satisfied as well.

Monte why should they because this is their way or the highway?
By agreeing to this it leaves the door wide open for their next demand. Did you read the part about seceding?

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Its all hilarious. Going to laugh hysterically when Notre Dane isnt ranked in the AP or Coaches top 25 but the “Selection Committee” ranks them 14


If a B10/SEC playoff model can get half the money the CFP currently gets, without having to share with the ACC and B12, they’re gone.

Four divisions, 4 team playoff in each conference, title game in early January. They don’t even have to take on more teams to do this.

Works for me. Truth is the SEC and Big 10 will have more playoff teams 9 out of 10 years. Take away Texas and OU, and the Big 12 would not have had a team in the top 14 this past season. Bama, UGA, Ole Miss, and Mizzou as well as Ohio State, Michigan, and Penn State, not to mention LSU, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Florida State, and Louisville were all better than 10-4 Oklahoma State.

They could just earn it instead of it being handed to them no matter what. Basketball tourney works just fine without multiple guaranteed bids


True. But now that we finally made it to a power conference, I like the privilege that comes with rank. We could end up 9-3 and make the playoff with the Big 12 getting two auto qualifiers. But you make a fair point.

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I have said it before and I will say it again: if the government were actually interested in protecting college athletics, it should regulate the schools and conferences, and stop worrying about regulating players. The fact that these politicians spend all of their time focused on the latter and not the former, tells you everything you need to know.


at 9-3 I think you’ve already lost in conference championship which probably guarantees you a spot in the 14 team playoff after an 9-2 season or you already played a bowl game

As i keep saying, they are going to take 48 schools strategically placed around the country + 2 Independents (50 total) and call that the Upper Tier of College Athletes.

They will let the rest, under that tier, fend for themselves.

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They arent going to secede…They will NEVER secede…it isnt in their own best interest…and it isnt in the networks best interest either…SEC/BIG may pressure the other P4s and get as much money and concessions as they are able…but P2 is a stupid idea…you cant leave out half of the power conferences and have any credibility. The new 14 team playoff gives them everything they want…Each of them will get 4 teams in virtually every year…

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