CFP rankings

Georgia is still the undisputed #1, Ohio State jumps ahead of Alabama for #2, Alabama drops to #3, Cincy is #4

Coogs are still #24


Definitely getting to the championship game 100%

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They couldn’t put Cincy anywhere other than 4 but by keeping us so low, they’ve set it up for a P5 to jump them with a “quality” win.


I just like that SDSU and UTSA are 21and22 respectively. A win over Cincy easily jumps us over them and into the NY6.


SDSU should be pissed. Utah jumped them with 3 losses, one coming to the Aztecs.


I think they’re set if they hold serve. If both Georgia and Ohio State win out then they’re safely in. Things get sketchy if Alabama beats Georgia and/or Michigan beats Ohio State. OK State might be too far back to catch them if everything goes to chalk.

So, nothing’s changed in other words.

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Oklahoma State is going to play Oklahoma, and then (if they win) either Oklahoma again or Baylor. I think they’ll jump Cincinnati if they win out.

The question is whether 2-loss Alabama gets in. Ordinarily I would say “yes” but if Georgia is first seed and Bama is 4th, that means re-running the previous game and I don’t think they’ll do that. So they’d have to argue that Bama is #3, which would raise some brows.

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Of course they would jump Cincy. I mean theres no way they let a team who didnt win their conference in… unless its an SEC school


Even Alabama beats Georgia and Ohio State wins out, who’s going to get that 4th spot?

I doubt they’d jump a one loss Oklahoma or Oklahoma St. over an undefeated Cincinnati but they could. Would not shock me.

A two loss team in it would shock me.

If Cincinnati loses to us, do they have to be in the top 8 to get a NY day bowl?

NY6 Bowl goes to the highest ranked G5 Champion.

They lose to UH, they miss out on the playoff AND a NY6 Bowl


They could still get an at large bid if they lose to UH, right? Not likely, but possible?

Yeah. 2 losses and you’re out. In an Alabama/Ohio St win out scenario, I’d go 1. Alabama, 2. Ohio State, 3. Georgia, 4. Cincy. 5. OK State.

If OK State was 6 this week then Cincy might be worried.

Yes, Cincy could still get an at-large NY6 bowl if they lose to UH

Nope Aztecs suck….look at their schedule and the score they won by…… not impressed.

So in that case, we both get a NY6 bowl?

Cincinnati has needed a lot of help. They got what I thought was most helpful in OU and Oregan taking losses. They still have to hold off a possible 1 loss Big12 champion. If they get lucky and the remaining 1 loss Big12 team gets beat in the title game then they are in. If not look out

I believe a G5 has to be conference champ to get a NY6 so no.


The highest ranked conference champion of a G5 conference gets an auto bid, whether that team is in the playoff or not. Another G5 team could get an at large bid (per the post above), however unlikely that may be.

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