Championship Games

Will you be watching the AAC Championship? I would think the higher the ratings, the better it looks for our conference. Especially with having two ranked teams facing each other.

I won’t watch Big 12 game as I don’t want to provide any ratings to that league. What other games will you be watching?

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Yes I will.

I’m interested in the CUSA


I attended UNT. I’d like to see Kiffin lose but I doubt it’ll happen. Also I despise all things UNT so I’m torn.


I’ll watch the AAC game.

Probably watch the SEC game because I like both schools.

Might watch the PAC12 game and start boning up on our future conference mates. :wink:

No interest in any of the others.

Was looking forward to the negative impact the Bevo 12 would’ve gotten due to the rematch nature of their title game but turns out every other conference is gonna be a rematch. Bizarre occurrence.


I’ll be watching the Big Ten Champ Game live. I’ll also keep track of the ACC and Big XII games. Hoping for some chaos just to see how the CFP will handle it.

I’ll be watching whatever interests me. My little ol’ Magnavox won’t make a bit of difference in any ratings. Going to enjoy college football while I can.

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Do you think the Big 12 will regret not expanding if TCU knocks off OU and costs the Big 12 a spot at the CFP?

I, for one, do. I do not wish the mis-named Big 12 well in any endeavor.

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Any fan of an AAC team that would rather watch TCU and OU over UCF and Memphis is a fan that should never complain about P5 inclusion, TV contracts, unfairness in rankings, etc. Why should 11-1 vs a 10-2 be more interesting than 11-0 vs a 10-1? The only reason would be if you like the 4 team playoff format as is and also believe that any teams outside of the P5 should never have a shot at a national championship.


Worst case scenario is Big12 getting into the playoff. They will then show that their model is a good one and didn’t need additional schools last year or going forward.

OU got in last year and will get in again with its crotch grabbing Heisman winning quarterback if they beat TCU…Go Frogs…

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Totally agree with this statement. And that is 11-0 vs 11-1.

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The Bevo 12 is a little different than others (bless their hearts); they decided not to draw up divisions and will have the “best teams” replay for their championship. It sounds as dumb as the “best teams will compete in the CFP”.


Right on. The more pissed off schools the better. I’ll watch AAC and keep an eye on B12 hoping for a TCU win. Then, tune in to SEC hoping Auburn loses (that would make Alabama worse than at least two teams in their own conference, in theory). And probably B10 hoping for The OSU to win in a very close, well played, down to the wire game. (Ha-ha committee, who do you pick now?!)

Will keep an eye on ACC because I think it will be a good game. Miami win would be better for playoff chaos, I think.

PAC12 is hosed for the playoffs this year and I don’t really think it will be a good game.

I suspect that if the CCGs turn out as you suggest then the playoffs will be Clemson, UGA, Alabama, Ohio State.

What is this Magnavox thing you speak of?

I’ll be watching AAC, SEC, B1G, and ACC in that order. The Bevo 12-2 can go F itself!

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Looking at the schedule for the games, I’ll revise:

I’ll watch the PAC 12 game Friday night and the AAC game at 11 on Saturday (same time as the Big12). I’ll start watching the SEC game after, but then I’m headed to watch the UH-Arky game Saturday evening at 6:30.

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I’ll watch AAC, PAC, SEC, MAC, B1G. Hell, throw in some FCS playoff action too.