Charles Barkley Last Night

Got to give him my respect.

Tough for him. Straight out he thought we were going to win.

Proper words after his Auburn went down.


Is there a video or link to his comments?

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I saw the pre game where he was talking about auburn, then the other hosts made him make his pick and he picked Houston.

I love me some Charles Barkley


You have to hate Chuck a whole lot not to like him a little bit.


Back in the 90’s, I ran into Charles Barkley at the Galleria. He was walking around with a sharpie because he knew he would be asked for an autograph. Always thought that was cool. Got something signed for my little brother.

I saw Charles before the game and he was honest about Houston likely winning the game. I am a fan of Charles, too.


I was there too! He was wearing his Suns warm ups. He signed my business card from a sperm bank


Thursday night at the Ballroom in Shepard’s Plaza back in 97-98ish. It was $2 drinks and he was up there anytime the rockets were off or in town after the game. Bought him a few drinks a couple of times. I mean, who would t pay for drinks for Barkley.


He picked us over Auburn in his bracket.


Reporter after Barkley was charged with throwing a man through a plate glass window of a Florida nightclub: “Charles, do you have any regrets?”

“I regret not being on a higher floor”


Ran into Chuck many times in the 90s. My favorite. Him and Sedale Threatt walk up next to me at the bar at Lizzard Lounge. I’m ordering and look at chuck and say, Charles it’s so cool you are showing Sade around town. Thought Sedale was gonna punch me. Chuck laughed and bought my drinks.


There’s not a guy on TV better than Sir Charles.


Charles played in Hofheinz in early 1980’s.

He played great. He also lost.


He was definitely the Round Mound of Rebound at that time, and he was fearless


I attended that game. He was an amazing player.

But we,too, had amazing players.

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Not quite the same, but we used to drink at a shithole bar at Richmond and Hillcroft back in the late 90s because they sold $2 pitchers.

Former Rocket Charles Jones would be drinking there quite often. Drinking $2 pitchers with his NBA Championship ring on. :joy:

For the youngsters, one of Jones’ claims to fame was that he had more career fouls than career points in the NBA. He was also quite a shot blocker though. Averaged 2.5 ppg and 1.6 bpg in his NBA career, with over 1,100 blocks in his career.

In 95 he provided valuable Hack A Shaq fouls in the Championship sweep.


The Crisco Kid.

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I was the trainer at a private h.s. in Houston. The suns were in the playoffs vs Rockets early 90’s and we’re practicing in our gym and using my training room. I stayed there to make sure facilities were treated right. Two or three guys were being taped, Barkley walked in and all the attention went to him. Energy level went up when he entered the room. He engaged several players, Danny Ainge, Joe Klein and some others. No question he was the leader of the team!

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The fact that this little tidbit of information was just breezed by without further explanation is a tragedy. I need proof.


My best friend growing up lived in the Pointe Royal section of New Territory.

Chuck lived about 3 houses down.

One night when my friends parents were out of town, we were throwing a giant pool party with about 30-40 people.

Chuck walks in, and is like hanging out with all of us. Gets in the hot tub with a cigar and just hangs out. When he decides to leave, we are like “where you going Chuck?”

-“I’m heading to the strip club!”

-“Chuck, aren’t you married?!?”

-“We have an understanding!”

Everyone cracked up laughing with him.


We used to always run into him at Shepherd Square and for some reason, multiple times at Ruffle’s (miss that place)

Anytime we read into him, he always included us in his group and bought our drinks.

One of the funniest guys to hang with.


took some searching but i found it. well preserved after being soaked in water in my wallet a couple times.

This was also the Day I Learned that Sir Charles listed height was completely bogus