Chidozie Nwankwo

Has he played at all in the first 2 games? any one knows his status…

I was wondering the same thing. His case was dismissed several weeks ago.

Why hasn’t he seen the field?

Based on the way dana talked about it week 1 it sounds like the case has been dismissed, but maybe he is being punished by the team for being in that situation in the first place?

Well it’s time to get his butt on the field

How do you get ‘punishment’ from this?

Coach Dana Holgorsen said Monday that Nwankwo was not available for Saturday’s season opener against Texas Tech pending the resolution of “legal things.” A school spokesman had no update Wednesday afternoon on Nwankwo’s status for the game.

Maybe he will redshirt this year, since we have another nose tackle

With Sedrick out for the year, we need him.


Exactly. With Williams out, we need another good D-Lineman in the rotation.



I assume that were he eligible to play, CDH would definitely use him. When I say eligible, I include UH administrative holds as a reason to be deemed ineligible. However, I have no idea what the hold up is, but I am sure that Dana is as eager for him to be able to play as the rest of us.

No in a press conference. They asked if he would be available for the tech game, and gave his signature sniff and cough then said, no. There are still a few things that need to get wrapped up there is a kind of dismissive tone. Im not saying thats what happened, just an idea though

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If this guy was at Texas, or agy hi, or Baylor this board would be exploding with negative comments. That said, I hope the kid has turned things around and becomes a good player for us and has put the past behind him…


I didn’t realize Sedrick Williams was out for the year. What happened to him?

They say his next court date is on Sunday, but that doesn’t make sense. Maybe Monday? Maybe quick appearance than reset? No idea.

Even though he is back participating in team activities, that doesn’t mean he can play. The charges still have to get dismissed, or prolonged, or given whatever result (which can be shaky in the end).

Also, even IF the charges are dismissed, the incident happened at Cullen Oaks, which is sort of on campus/UH-Affiliated housing, meaning according to UH regulations, he has to go through the Title IX/DOS process as well before being cleared to play again. They’re two independent entities, and they can make their own decisions on any result.

So what Nwankwo can end up getting is a straight up conviction, sending him to TDCJ/Jail, probation, or deferred adjudication. The former two come with a conviction, the final one doesn’t. The latter two are basically probation with the only difference being that a conviction is on the record.

Practicing does not mean playing. There’s still more to this in the end. Only about 1% of DV charges end up with a conviction. Most of the time, they get deferred.


The charges were dismissed, this is likely a legal wrap up or anything to do with UH’s internal investigation stuff.


Thanks, David. Have you heard any news on the extent of his injury? I feel for the kid. I was really looking forward to seeing him play this year since he sat out last year

Butch there is a real difference from programs that have routinely crossed the line in different junctures. All three of those programs aforementioned have led the country in arrest and warrants opposed to a program that for the most part has done things the right way when it comes to discipline and recruiting student athletes


Little late. His case was dismissed 2 weeks ago.

Broken ankle or foot. Out for the year.


From Sept 1 info.