China’s Killer Doctors

Yet, we continue to do business with these barbarians

We Americans are willing to overlook a lot for cheap goods

Yep … There something else rotten around here and it’s not just the business folks. Maybe it’s the public who sucks.


We gave them the keys to the castle when we moved manufacturing to China.


Anybody, anybody aligning themselves with the chinese commies need to look at one simple fact.
Is the people’s republic of china a bloody dictatorship or not?


Houstonians (Americans) have a short memory, why did the consulate burn all of there documents in one night?


Wow, evil empire.

Never trust a communist country. Everything is made up. Its all one big propaganda machine to make themselves look good and anyone saying anything else gets thrown in a labor camp. They also like to steal technology most companies that deal with china do not make their more advanced parts there because they know the technology will be stolen and resold.

I heard awhile back that an absurd amount of US real-estate is being purchased by the CCP as well…

It really really feels like this is wet work of the US republic.

If you hate today’s inflation you’re really not going to like it if we actually stopped doing business with China.

Scorpion on a frog it is then, also, lets reverse that sentence you just wrote. We are the hand that feeds, not the other way around.

Need i remind you who the consumer is? The hand that feeds is the one holding the cash. If we dont exist in their market, they suffer more then we do.

That is what is sad, is it is a waiting game. All of us that want accountability will eventually pass away, and every crime will be forgotten… just as i intended.

I don’t know if that really means anything. I remember in the 90’s everyone was talking about the Japanese buying up real-estate and then it all went away and now its china, so how knows.

In 70’s and 80’a it was the Saudis.

Brits probably still own the most. Who cares? They can’t take it home

It means we are a good place to store their $

Trusting China is like trusting a fart in an elevator

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True. This is literally the country that tried to cover up 50 Million famine deaths.

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and they will deny it until that bloody dictatorship stays in power.
By the way do some of you remember the maoist movement after these same famines?
The end game was to denounce the past, denounce your own family.
Does that sound familiar on how many Universities teach/brain wash to hate your parents, family values, organized religions and… our own country?

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And just like that he took the ball, ran into the stands and starting shouting at nothing.


Talking about dictactors wanting to stay in power by getting rid of the past truth. Why you always got to bring up Trump