Chip Kelly leaves HC Job to become OC

Exactly, the same law told us countless times that Oregon and Washington had no chance to be invited or joined the big10. He wrote the same thing for the two that went to the sec. law is trolling us.
The only thing we know for sure?
None, not law, not you, not me know what is coming up next. That means everything is possible. If everything is possible we need to position ourselves for every possibility with the strongest resume. Meaning dominating the BIG12 both on football and basketball as well as getting to AAU ASAP.

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Power structure is completely gone for HC.

Sure Bro.

And the B1G is going to invite the third smallest brand in the P5.

Come on now.



UH is a small brand TODAY because of it’s G5 valuation.

Give it 5-10 years and I GUARANTEE you, it will be a top 50% brand.

Especially, if we add a NCAA Championship and a playoff appearance, increased state funding, improved academic rankings, & campus improvements (athletic + campus wide).

All of those are possible in a 5-10 year window.


I am guessing it’ll take more than top 50%.

The most recent B1G ascendants were all well above that in brand value.

Not if they want INTO TEXAS!

Pay attention!

Who says they do if they can’t get an additive brand?

Doesn’t make sense Bro.

The B1G has never needed a school in TX to become the top money conference, so obviously it isn’t a high priority for them.

And if the can’t get aTm or UT, that is to say, an ADDITIVE brand, then they’ll simply do as they’ve always done and thrive without a Texas presence.

Was the expansion Houston “baseball franchise” an additive brand in 1962 or was it a strategic move to fill out a map for MLB?

If they added UCLA in Los Angeles…they will seriously consider a school in Texas because they want B1G coverage in our state when they expand to 24.

Works out in our favor that both UT and TAMU ended up in the SEC.

Again, this is all contingent upon the Power UH brand really growing in the 5-10 year window (both athletics and academics).

If they added a crappy football brand like UCLA, they’ll add a rising UH brand.

We just have to make sure we are ahead of Texas Tech and TCU and are positioning ourselves to be a UT -Austin 2.0 (large heavily funded Texas public school in a urban area).

I seriously doubt that the B1G wants to take a small brand under the theory that they might one day grow into an additive brand.

Because…after all…it might not. Too great a risk.

If this latest round of realignment didn’t teach us anything else, it taught us the following: only large, additive brands will be selected by the P2.

If your brand size is lower than, let’s say, #30….you are most likely out of the running.

My UCLA buddy is happy how things turned out. No one thought Kelly would last much longer. While the timing was bad he thinks Foster will be able to retain staff and players for the upcoming season.
Has already heard Foster has reached out to three donors that Kelly wouldn’t to help with NIL.

They added UCLA, UH can easily become a bigger FOOTBALL brand than UCLA and last time I checked UH was ranked #3 in basketball, where is UCLA ranked?

UCLA is a Top 25 sports brand according to multiple sources, a basketball blue blood with 11 national titles and 19 final fours, 17 major conference football titles, is AAU, and a state #2.

UH…is NONE of the above.

NOT close.

NOT a precedent for nor an argument for why the B1G either should or will invite UH.

Bad logic.

When UH becomes ALL of the above, then come wake me up.

I suspect I’ll sleep soundly/

well…i definitely woke you up when 1) the B1G expanded into California which you swore would never happen and 2) when they invited Washington and Oregon which you swore they’d never do because they already “passed on them”.

I guess, I’d say…get your sleep in now!

Enough with your brand b.S. Because it is 100% b.s. Do you even know U of H was a power house in the 70’s when we were independent? Yes we were look it up. UH1927 is correct. We are on our way back with HCWF. These latest recruiting indications are a clear signal to everyone doubting this. In just a few weeks we find find ourselves 50 spots or so higher than we were prior to HCWF arrival. That is in itself amazing. Give him three years and I would not be surprised if we play for the National Championship.
HCWF took the U of H Coaching job because he said it was a HC JOB of a lifetime. The sleeping giant is opening its eyes.


UCLA Hires Former Bruins Star As Next Head Coach (

Of course.

That has nothing to do with our current brand size.

Unless our ATTENDANCE and the size of our fan base and TV viewership greatly increases, we won’t see a huge bump up in brand size to the point at which a P2 would be interested.

Enough already troll. Rutgers was never a brand but got into the big10. Stop it. This is not funny. You are waisted everybody’s time…which is what trolls do.


That was back when MARKETS meant more than they do today. With all the cord cutting going on, markets are no longer outcome determinative on realignment.

It’s BRAND SIZE that matters now, and ours is the 3rd smallest in the P5. Rutgers probably wouldn’t have gotten in under today’s criteria. They were lucky to get in back when markets mattered most. Those days have passed.

Sorry, but it is what it is.

This has all been explained to you before, so I’m not sure which part of this you fail to understand. It ain’t all that complicated, to be honest.

Pretty simple concept, actually.

Sure, sure, sure troll. Keep trolling.