Chris Pezman leading candidate for AD position

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Mark Berman‏
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Sources told FOX 26 the University of Houston is focusing on Chris Pezman,senior associate athletics director/COO at Cal/Berkeley,to become the next athletics director at his alma mater,UH. Chris played football at UH & at 1 point was also the Cougars ass’t AD/football operations


good to hear…

Make it happen

Just curious what makes y’all so high on him? Being an alum doesn’t seal the deal for me.

I think aside from being an Alum. He’s also been a football player at our school. He has always been an assistant AD here and was just at UC as an assistant, handling Big funding and PAC like problems. Hes made connections there if we ever wanted to join or schedule games. He is at a big school with a big city and has experience handling that environment. Its a plus he is from The H. I actually agree he is the most qualified and the one that brings the most real outlook at progress and the term “hire in (Coog)House”. Whats not to like about him?

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For me, and please spare me the Briles/Drexler comments (Whiting and Burrell seem to be doing just fine), in concern with using the UH football head coaching position “to get mine and to h*** with them and what happens to them as long as I’m on to “better” things”… and the impact it has on our program, … Pezman is a potential lead into bringing some high football IQ Coogs into the fold that can bring stability and loyalty to the program, and on the field and recruiting success, once CMA’s tenure is concluded by whatever means.

I just want us to hire the most qualified person for the job that can best serve our University. If it is Pezman, great, but him being a UH alum should factor very little into the decision.


I agree with Sarkcoog. If he is the best great, welcome home. We don’t need lifers we need the best available. Because the best available will leave the place better than when they came.


It does appear that Chris Pezman is highly qualified to be our AD without his UH connections and is even more attractive with the connections because he knows the hows and whys of UH. He has spent 20 years at Cal, working his way up and is currently the Assistant AD and he is the Athletic Department COO (Chief Operations Officer) This looks like a home run hire.

I disagree with this. If you can get someone who understands the organizational culture of your business and market, that is an highly desirable asset in a candidate. The fact that Pezman already knows UH culture and understands our market is indespensable as you look at potential ADs.

I would emphasize this even more after the complaints about ticketing and game day experience. We need someone willing to say that might work at Bama, but not in Houston. Not all athletics departments are created equal.


Anybody who has worked his way up to the top of a big time athletic program at a big time university in a big time urban area with big time donors, and is a UH alum, Pow! Outa the park!

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Not 20 years at Cal, but experience. I believe he checks all the boxes and brings ties to the Pac12.

while we always wonder if the athletic staff reads coogfans and is in touch with the fanbase…i can assure you that while Pez may not be a reader and lurker on the site, he is well connected here with other UH alum and will have a finger on the pulse of this community. He will understand and empathize with some of our long running complaints and newer ones. In my opinion we have needed Pez here for some time. There is not a better hire out there.

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He was at UH in 2011 under Levine.
Worked at SMG-Reliant @2001-till coming to UH.

He has ties in and around Houston, not just to UH.

He has ties with Cal and the Pac-12.

He’s a UH alum that won’t leave unless he’s restricted by UH administration.

He has a vision for UH athletics and what it can be; he won’t just be “checking boxes” and sending out his resume.

He’s ready and will do a fantastic job if they hire him.

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Please excuse me. He has 20 years in facilities management and is currently employed by the University of California, a PAC 12 and AAU school, as one of their top people in the athletic department.

I don’t know him, but when I heard he was candidate, I sent him an email and he responded:
“Thanks …Means so much that you reached out. I’m in a good place at Cal, but Houston is our home. Let’s see where this goes”.

That meant a lot to me that he took the time to respond. Mack use to answer my emails, but Hunter never did


This needs to happen NOW

I interviewed him when I was a writer for TOS and he was very gracious. All of his experience with facilities mgmt. and knowing UH and Houston so well makes it a no-brainer in my eyes.

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“He’s a UH alum that won’t leave unless he’s restricted by UH administration.”

Wrong. People leave jobs for plenty of reasons, the first one being money. Hunter doubled his salary. If Hunter’s replacement at UH gets the same opportunity, chances are good his successor will take the money, too.

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