Chris Pezman

He is in between a rock and a hard place. It will be interesting to see what he comes up with.

Uhhh … let’s just hope he gets stuck between a rock and a hard place …

IN THE CITY … where he can get some advice from friendly associates … and

NOT in the wilderness/mt hiking trails where NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU yelling for help … and they find your corpse years later … maybe … if the buzzards don’t pick you apart …

My apologizes … rock and a hard place … ALWAYS reminds me of the warnings park rangers give hikers going off trail and moi as usual never listens as I have found myself almost in that predicament but for the grace of God and my trusty Israeli army compass and geological area map … gotten out … :sunglasses:


wait whut?


What’s the rock and what’s the hard place? I am not seeing this.

My guess is focusing on keeping Briles and replacing our DC.


I figured he was late for work and stuck in traffic.

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Every coach and AD worth their salt keeps a list of potential replacement candidates for their staffs. You can bet that Pezman and Applewhite have already contacted a few Briles replacements to get a feel for how high they want to bid to keep Briles. These situations are not crises for competent coaches and AD’s, they are simply an important portion of their activities. Both of these guys have been around the block a few times and seen this done both well and poorly. I have confidence they will be ok getting next year’s staff in place.


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And I always thought it came from The Simpsons Movie…

Pez does not get stuck. He always has a plan. I tell people all the time that he’s smarter than a treeful of owls.


Who was it that claimed to have lunch with Levine soon after he was hired and then announced to Coogfans that we are in great hands because Levine is the smartest head coach we have had since Bill Yeoman?

I haven’t been impressed with the football ticket handling. Will see how he handles these hires and any problem with Fertitta Center seating if some of the seats are really obstructed.


Pez will freely tell anyone who asks him. He is always planning ahead for any potential coaching change. He knows that it can happen any time, for a variety of reasons and he knows it is part of his job to not get caught flat footed.

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Who was that?

Were you impressed with the basketball ticket handling?

Actually, it will be interesting to see what Applewhite comes up with. With the DC gone, and OC most likely on the move, MA appears to be the one stuck between a rock and hard place. I don’t envy his position, that is for sure.


Some people see it as a challenge and I think it is an opportunity. At this point, Applewhite has most of this productive offense back next year so an OC should be licking his chops.

Personally I think a good ol’ coaching controversy and crisis adds sizzle to next season. It’ll be about the only thing to get excited about between now and September.

It’s good to have coaching connections but sometimes you can’t just hire the people you know and expect good results. Sometimes you have to do some research and find coaches you don’t know that are looking to make a move, having proved their worth. Just as Herman found Orlando, CMA needs to do some research. The Troy DC is one of many candidates that deserve a look.

It’s just my opinion but hiring Navair would be a mistake. In fact, if Briles leaves and CMA doesn’t bring in solid replacement, and Navair is hired, I predict CMA will seal his fate and be out in another year.

Oh, and I’m not sure what Spavital has done to prove his worth as a DC when there are so many other choices out there. He would be solid as a DB or LB coach, and he’s a good recruiter, but he’s unproven as a DC.

Pssst…we have a basketball team…they’re pretty good.


Obviously you haven’t seen the Coogs basketball team play yet. There is a whole lot to get excited about at TSU HSE tomorrow night and starting Saturday at the Fertitta Center.