Chris Scott

Did Dana fire him right after the class was signed and right before Christmas?

Lol, posted at the same time. Admin can delete my topic if necessary, this one has the link to Tweet.

Oh man, I hope it’s not another violation or something dumb like that

Well, our recruiting coordinator for defense is let go the afternoon of signing day. Someone was not happy with the results.

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It could be a number of things. Maybe something happened or was said to a particular recruit that we didn’t get. We may never know.

It may be good that it’s not public because it may hurt his future job prospects.

Don’t worry. If its damaging to the program the Chronical will get to the bottom of it.


He was the offensive recruiting coordinator, at least his title says that though in his bio he’s referred to as defensive coordinator. But that’s Ryan Kahn’s description as well, so I assume Scott was offense. Maybe had something to do with the Louisiana WR or Septs not signing with us? Hard to say.

It’s best he get canned now. It allows him to go to AFCA convention and look for another gig


I loved his energy and wish he was still here (admittedly I do not know the details surrounding him being let go). This is purely speculation on my part but I think he might have misstepped in the recruitment of Corey Wren. Wren visited UH about half a year ago and we had a good shot to land him over Georgia and Arizona, among others. When Wren chose Georgia I remember reading tweets from Scott along the lines of something like “you can lead a horse to water but can’t make it drink” which I felt were intended towards Wren and the other high level players that visited and never committed. As you know, Wren eventually decommitted from Georgia but it seemed like our relationship with him was broken unlike Arizona who kept in contact with him throughout the fall and didn’t take shots at him over social media. Also, I do not know who comes up with the hashtags but #H20 seems to have been pretty stale.

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I don’t use twatter but it seems to me that coaches (and anyone in the sales business) should stay away from cryptic public displays and keep everything professional. It doesn’t hurt kids to read plain English every once in a while.

Actually if it’s not, Dolcefino will run it and tie it to the “rhabdo scandal” of the ladies soccer team. That keeps coming back to life somehow. Zombie plague. :smiley:

If that truly was about Wren I see the concern. You don’t publicly burn a bridge with a recruit, especially with players backing out of commitments the way they do.

That’s akin to a sales rep complaining on LinkedIn when a company buys from someone else.

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The joys of being a college coach. Don’t get too comfortable. I don’t envy their job insecurity.

Don’t know the situation but best of luck to the man.

I know negative recruiting can work in certain cases but I was also not a fan of one of his old tweets stating “It’s all fun and games until you get to that school you thought wanted you so badly… #transferportal.” I think we are all aware how hard it is to win a recruiting battle for a kid with numerous P5 offers but our university has so much more to offer student athletes than pitching them the idea other schools don’t want them and they will eventually transfer out. The tweet sits poorly with kids that for one reason or another, did have to leave their school of choice. Let me reiterate, I don’t want this to turn into a bashing because he seems like a good guy, mentor, and quite frankly he seemed to work his butt off for our recruiting class and football program but at the same time I can see a scenario(s) where those in charge wanted to go a different route heading into next year.

Nothing like that.

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Aren’t most coaches and staff members on 1 year contracts and its reviewed every year? Sometimes coordinators might get more than 1 year… is that correct?

There are probably a dozen reasons why a coach at this level is let go. It doesn’t sound like it was anything untoward or dramatic. Could be as simple just not producing the desired results, or a change in recruiting philosophy that he doesn’t fit into anymore.

Best of luck to him going forward.

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Thank you to the recruits that chose UH, but I don’t think 7th in the AAC and 82nd overall is where UH wants/needs to be.


I agree with that. We need to do better. I hope our existing S&C coach is above average.


I don’t know how much it will change, but it seems like fretting over recruiting rankings before the final numbers are in is a little silly.

Besides, with all our redshirts, the signing numbers will be necessarily lower.

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