Chron Story on Greg Ward

I’m gonna post this for those that might otherwise miss it and hope it doesn’t get everyone cranked up (for the 1000th time!) about the paper and/or writer.

But it’s worth the read. I’m so damn proud of Greg Ward.


Obligatory, “freakin Brian Smith…” haha

Glad to Greg is getting the recognition he deserves and has worked for.


Good article.

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Can’t read it…

Yeah, once in a blue moon Brian T. Smith cranks out an article worth reading… this was one of them… :slight_smile:

I don’t care who wrote the article.
It was a nice article, well deserved.
I have watched Greg’s games this year, and each week as his teammates go down, the tough Cougar is not only still standing, but playing better and better. Go Eagles.


Glad to see Ward in the playoffs. Hope he can make some plays in their playoff game.

Happy for Greg. Wish him the best. Hate the Eagles. Can’t root for them. Go Cowboys!