Cinci game resiliency

There was a moment in the throes of that battle, late in the third quarter when Cinci broke through with a touchdown and the stadium went buck wild that doubt started creeping that perhaps the magical UH run had finally ran its course.
I re-watched the game without the intensity and emotional fog this evening for the third time, essentially with a clear head and saw the sheer grit of this team in a hostile environment , a short week to boot , recovering from a pound for pound bout with an Oklahoma team that has not recovered from the rigmarole.
Proud of the way the team responded to the challenge, especially on the fundamental offensive drive that regained the crucial lead. Yes defense won the game, but Greg Ward has some solid marbles. He carried the team literally on a bum shoulder and crossed the rubicon.
The offensive line will be fine, penalties and interceptions will be rectified, but this team has a fortitude that we all should be proud of.


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