Cincinnati: Did we break them?

For a team that played us like they belonged in the same universe with us for 3 quarters, they have since squeaked by an 0-5 Miami (OH) team by 7, and gotten trounced at home by 25 by USF. Entering into conference play this year, most everyone thought Cincy would be our biggest challenge. The damage we inflicted on them in the 4th quarter on September 15 must have caused some serious psychological issues as well. Cincy is currently a 2.5 favorite on the road at UConn this weekend. UConn!

Did we break them? I can’t imagine Tommy Tuberville is still going to have a job after this season is over.

Tuberville talked about spending all offseason getting ready for the game against us. They over-emphasized that game.


There’s an interesting thread on BearCat Banter regarding this. It seems in their eyes that we and many others have passed them by. And they see no relief in sight unless a golden ticket is punched.

I see alot of the same whiny criticism with their fanbase on their state of the union that I saw with our own, especially in the CTL years. Many of their faithful give us props for accomplishing what we have without the comfort of a P5 payday. Many ask why not us, most say it will never happen.

Tubs said that South Florida had the best offense he’d seen this year.

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Tuberville is a bad coach. Basically lived off a good 3 year stretch at Auburn; he’s been mediocre other than that.

Same thing happened last year. Played us close last year and then barely beat a bad Tulsa team, got man handled by USF, barely beat a bad ECU team, and then got embarrassed in their Bowl game.

Cincy is a tough place to win at. Before Brian Kelly, Butch Jones, & a weakened Big East, they never really had great success. Looks like they’re just reverting back to normal now.

In a year when we could use all the help we can get, I sure wish we hadn’t waited until the 4th quarter to put them away. And I wish they were competing for a top 25 ranking. Lot of wishful thinking.

I’ve never been a fan of pine box Tommy. From what I can see (which is all through the TV camera) he seems like a first class a-hole. He slapped a graduate assistant at Texas Tech so hard that the GA’s headset flew off. This was during a game, and was caught by the television cameras.

y’all think his mom’s passing may play into it a bit? coupled with his obvious anger issues, he may not be handling it well.

I don’t see Cinncy winning @ UConn this weekend.

I haven’t seen Hayden Moore play since our game. Is he hurt?

I was going to say the same thing, but UConn’s offense is bad enough to allow Cincy to take advantage.

Moore hurt his ankle in their loss to us; they’ve been starting Trail since, but brought Kiel in the 2nd half of the USF loss because the offense was doing nothing.

Tubs is blaming the loss of the receivers from last year and the offense changing for the struggles. Cincy fans aren’t happy though so Tubs is starting to complain about the fans. Don’t see him lasting beyond this year unless they start winning.

Absolutely. They fell in that trap. You should never do that because it’s only one game. Now, they may
or may not end up with a winning season.

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