Cincinnati Game 2 (W 8-3)

1-1, T6. We just had a runner on 3rd with 1 out, and got nothing.

I have to say, we must give away more outs at the plate than anyone in the country. Why do we always automatically go on any contact? Lockhart hit a weak ball to short with the infield playing in, and Hollis went and was out by about 5 steps. I just don’t get it.

UCF blowing USF out, 9-0. So, the title is still there for the taking if we want it.

2-run HR by Scheiner!

3-1 Coogs, B6.

Big 7th inning. Coogs lead 8-3, B8.

Ugh, bad weekend to be traveling. Thanks, @Kronke for the updates.

Hopefully they can finish the job tonight.

Coogs win 8-3.

4-way tie for 1st going into Saturday.

I think these are the tiebreaker scenarios:

So Coogs win, we share the title, but may end up as the 2nd (UCF win or USF win/UCONN loss) or 3rd seed (USF/UCONN win). Lose and we’re either the 3rd (UCONN loss) or 4th seed (UCONN win).

UCF clinches top seed if they win. If they lose, they can end up 2nd-4th.

UCONN clinches top seed if they win and USF wins. If they win, UCF/UH win, they finish 3rd. If they win, UCF wins, but UH loses, they finish 2nd. If they lose, they can only finish 3rd or 4th.

USF needs UCONN to lose for their win to clinch the top seed, otherwise they’d end up with the 2nd seed. If they lose, they can be either 3rd or 4th.

Why/how does UConn win the tiebreaker with UH and USF when we all beat each other?

That’s my main question as well, what breaks a three way tie? I thought that is where RPI would be what decides the seeds.

3 way tie breaker is determined by record against 4th place finisher I believe. :thinking::thinking::innocent:

I just have to add this since being at the game…what is up with these umpires? In the bottom of the seventh, with Hollis on first, Coldiron hits a bunt and the throw is errant, and the 1st base ump calls interference when the second baseman, #3 of Cincinnati who is covering the base, could not field the errant throw at a base runner who is in the baseline, throws off his glove dramatically, and the ump calls “interference”. I was 10 feet away and that was the most B.S. call I have seen in my life. Even more, the #3, after running around shaking his hand like he was hurt, huddles with his coaches in full view of the 1st base ump and they are laughing. It cost us an out and at maybe even a run. When Lockhart singled, we cheered. When they stole 2nd and 3rd we cheered. When Grimsley struck out we all wondered why he didn’t bunt (he can’t hit too well lately), and then they intentionally walked Wong and Padgett hit a double and scored 3 runs! It was like the Coogs got angry and started trying to win games instead of expecting to win games! Proud of our Coogs. Regarding the umps…that was the most absurd call I have ever seen, seeing Cincy players and coaches laughing at the “flop”. This call could have determined the game. Thanks Coog Baseball, for getting inspired enough to play your baseball at your potential. Better late than never! Ya’ll can do it, if you WANT to! Every pitch, every play, every inning. My son and I enjoyed the fireworks. Cougar Alumni (2 X’s) and Union Electrician! Go Coogs Go Union!

Was at the game as well. Home Plate Umpire called the interference. What was bad is the runner was running on the foul side of the baseline. According to the rules he is not in play, has a right to the base and cannot interfere in this position. If he had been running inside the baseline, yes, interference. He was not. 2nd baseman definitely tricked the umpire and he was too dumb and too dense to figure it out.

I watched game on ALL-COOG ACCESS, not to be argumentive but runner Coldiron was clearly running inside line in fair territory. Jeremy Branham Coog announcer even agreed w/Umpire call. Just glad they won, Thur nite was UGLY. #GoCoogs


Corey Julks has reached base in 16 straight games and Joe Davis in 14 straight.
Jake Scheiner belted his conference-leading 15th home run of the year – a two-run home run – to put the Cougars ahead 3-1 in the sixth.
Grayson Padgett drove in a career-high four RBI in the win.
Connor Hollis belted his second career home run – a solo home run – to open the eighth.
Trey Cumbie moved to 9-1 on the year with his third straight complete game performance and fourth of the year.

Top Offensive Players
Grayson Padgett | 2x4, R, 4 RBI, 2B
Corey Julks | 1x4, RBI
Jake Scheiner | 1x3, R, RBI, HR (15)
Connor Hollis | 2x3, 2 R, RBI, HR (2)
Connor Wong | 1x2, 3 R, 2 BB, SB (22)
Lael Lockhart Jr. | 1x3, R

Houston out hit Cincinnati, 10-9 in the win, led by Grayson Padgett’s four-RBI day, coming on two hits, one of which was a bases-clearing double in the seventh. Jake Scheiner and Connor Hollis each homered, while Corey Julks plated a run on a base hit.

Pitching Breakdown:
Trey Cumbie | 9.0 IP, 9 H, 3 R, 1 ER, 0 BB, 4 K

Sophomore starter Trey Cumbie was once again, lights out. The southpaw went the distance for his third straight complete game performance and fourth of the season. Cumbie improved to a conference-best 9-1 on the year after surrendering just one earned run on nine hits with no walks and four strikeouts in his 9.0-inning victory.