Cincinnati game time?

When will that be set?

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12 days in advance so they should be announced today


2:30 Central and on ESPN2


It is supposed to be cool by then. Maybe 75-85 for a high.

Real feel a cool 101.

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Folks in the North would die if it was in the 80s in mid-October. Here, oh, that’s a cool front. :joy: I love Houston.


Head-to-head with Bama vs A&M on CBS and Michigan St vs Wisconsin but at least OU vs Texas is at 11 am on Fox.

Serious question here, do y’all think there’ll be a nice crowd on hand Saturday afternoon? We just came off a what really and truly is a big win in the scheme of things and it’s a 2:30 kick so we’ll have time to tailgate. I just hope most people haven’t checked out on the season

I’ll be there with 7-8 others

Think it will be good but not great and there is nothing wrong with that.

Season ticket holders will show up.

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Our group of 7 will be there.

Wife will be out of town and I’m coaching baseball in Conroe until 1:15. If I can get the grandparents to run some kids around I’ll be there as close to kickoff as possible.

Our 4 will be there. Brandishing the paw!

Hoping for 30K and the students show up.

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If Cincy usets UCF 35k if not, 30k.

If there’s 30K in the stadium that’d be great I feel like people checked out after the King deal

What gives you the impression that the fans have checked out?

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No hype from people online and half the folks on here are doom and gloom but it may just be me. All I know is that I’ll be at every home game here on out

I’ll be there in spirit (and watching on the TV if the SEC doesn’t hijack the game from ESPN) flying my UH flag on game day amongst all the Roll Tide / War Eagle banners throughout the area. Go Coogs!