Cincy fans attack UH for sending back some of the CCG ticket allotment

They need to worry about whether they will be getting Fiesta Bowl tickets or not.

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Hopefully after Saturday the national narrative will be how overrated they were all season.


I was going to make the drive down from Detroit, but I’m on call and can’t leave the city unfortunately. Would’ve been a great game to go to.

Think it’s in Indiana

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7 million

Winning > attendance

OOTC shouldn’t buy tickets in the allotment. We have like zero Cougar Pride points so why should we have to get in line behind locals that go to every game? Because the school says so? Sure. No thanks. I never buy tickets in the school allotment I just buy tickets in one of our sections. I know a lot of other schools do it that way but don’t expect the out of towners to buy allotment tickets then.

Saving my travel dollars for the Fiesta Bowl…
Travel to Cincy ? No thanks….
Cincy is home to exactly two things I give a **** about…

Cincinnati Microwave (Radar Detectors) and
HoneyBaked Hams.

And I do not have to travel to Cincy for those…

Sorry but HoneyBaked Ham was founded in Detroit and is now headquartered in Atlanta. HoneyBaked Michigan, HoneyBaked Ohio, and HoneyBaked Georgia merged about 6 years ago.


Then there is yet ONE more reason not to visit Cincinnati…:wink:


Not certain what the hoopla is all about … it appears the returned tickets have already been sold

Plus it appears there isn’t anything else to do in Cincy besides watching the Bengals … watch the migrating birds fly south over the Great Miami river maybe …

There are no NBA or NHL teams sooo its really snore-city in Cincy in the winter …

It appears we will be playing before our first sold out game of the year … it will be very loud so our fellas in white will be pumped as will their players … should be a good exciting game …

I’m going tomorrow, but if anyone asks where the Cougars fans are, I’ll tell them “saving their money for the Fiesta Bowl.” I’ll add, “get back to me when you make a major bowl AND actually win it.”


This is why UH fans aren’t flocking to Cincinnati…


I should be going. I get this feeling like this is one of those monumental games I’m going to look back on and wish I was there. Like I missed the UofL game in 2016 because it was on a Thursday or Friday night.


Maybe a pre-determined neutral site location would have helped this situation. UH has known for weeks it was going to be in the CCG and, if the game was in let’s say Memphis, Coogfans could have been making their arrangements to go during this time.

The problem is that a neutral site game probably would not come close to selling out unless one of the teams was nearby.

UH made it to the Big XII. I am not going to be worried about attendance - the checks will cash the same.

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We are saving our money for the Fiesta Bowl.


I fought the urge to go. There’s only one nonstop from LA and it’s a redeye and basic economy was nearly $800 last minute.

Also, there are tickets everywhere on the resale market including in their new club level addition.

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Do you think UC season ticket holders were forced to buy CCG tix? Why would so many be on the resale market?

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Could we have sent back some tickets because we’re taking the band to Cincinnati for the game? Seems weird to have sent them back so early. If it was today that’d be one thing but Wednesday ( I think) makes me think the band or at least part of it will be there