Cincy fans attack UH for sending back some of the CCG ticket allotment

Even more reason to end their season in a few days.

What do you think the +/- is on Cincinnati Alumni living in Houston vs Houston Alumni living in Cincinnati?

In the real world, no one from Houston is interested in going to Cincinnati.


I would consider a trip on the sched but work interferes short notice

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Ride or die!

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This is a clickbait title saying they “attacked” us. One guy gave us sh*t for not being able to use our allotment and another guy spoke truthfully about us not having buy into the programs yet.

The latter is certainly a true statement.


How many tickets were we sent?

Some Coog fans did not want to sit in the end zone so they purchased tickets elsewhere for better locations.


It’s funny how everything has a logical explanation

Cinci can’t think past numbers


You’re right. I saw a number of posters make the same comment regarding how they bought their tickets. The problem is that the conference handled tickets. I got two on the 50 from our box office on the UH side of the field.


ITT UH returns like 50 tickets and Cincy fans are already in Big 12 posting shape


great, so now we have other SCHOOLS complaining about our game attendance. as if we don’t get it enough on our own board lol

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Ooh, maybe our fans who do go will tell the Cincy fans in front of them to SIT DOWN.


Or you will get punched in the face!!


It’s still sad that we don’t travel well, oh well we can’t even fill our own stadium, same old problem we have had since the 70’s, it’s our last big problem we have to solve ATTENDANCE, no excuses we have 6 million people in the Houston area, it’s ridiculous


We returned tickets because parking is $30 (this is true) and the sound system is too loud ( :rofl:)
Air on United about $600 roundtrip.

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The title of the thread is pure click bait. Like one Cincy guy threw a somewhat mocking comment and everyone else is just talking about tickets.

Can’t shake the thought that OP gets feelings hurt too easily by anyone even slightly saying something negative against UH. That’s the only way to explain these type of threads.


The real problem to solve is alumni giving.

Soooo, Cincinnati is in what, Iowa? Too far north for me at my age.

Kentucky, I thought. :thinking:

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