Cincy Game thread

Coogs deferred and will play D first.

Jeremy Branham said its not a sell out by the way

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D holds.

King doing punt returns

D holds again

Want to see the O-line firing off like we did against OU

Good field position. Need to score here.

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Can’t tell if WRs aren’t open on Ward’s scrambles. Our WRs are much bigger than their cornerbacks. Would like to see us take a shot sometime soon.

Chance Allen!!!

There we go!!!

Called it!


Let’s see Cincinnati keep trying to run the ball.

That was a beautiful pass from Ward.


Are you kidding. No one was covering that guy!!!

Well that sucked.

Winchester got schooled on that one

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Coach does not look happy!

When Moore let it go I was thinking INT. It was a floater. Then the panned to the receiver and I thought, "where is our secondary?"
Winchester let him run straight past!

Nice, BWill

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