Cincy Game thread

Why are we fair catching at the 5? Ugh.

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Yeah, probably should have called for fair catch then jumped out of the way last second and let that one bounce.

Houston needs to dictate this game…can’t have this team hanging around

Now the play calling is starting to be bad.

Big 1st down there

There we go.


He threw it straight to him.

This cluster f continues we will lose.

Receiver got screened off. That should have been interference.

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How that was not interference is beyond me!!!

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We need to get to the half in decent shape and then calm the heck down.

Illegal contact beyond 5 yards.

Big time D!!!

BIG stop there.

Stop running up the middle until they show they can cover the outside run!!!

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Big stop

Stop being stubborn Herman and Applewhite!!!

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This is the OU game, except now we’re OU

Wow, amazing…

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