CKS Appreciation

I agree. Offense needs to get better. I also think adding a big would be nice. See Filipowski last night. He was a big factor.

CKS needs to take a look at the team and college basketball as a whole and realize that teams are now catching up and game planning for our defense.

We aren’t surprising anyone now that we have plenty of game film out there for teams to evaluate.

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Glad to here CKS fire is still lit from the press conference, havent listened yet. Certainly not wanting him to retire this has been an unbelievable run.

Lol. Duke scored 54 on us last night with two of the best defenders in the country out of the game. Our defense didn’t exactly get exposed.


I have not been around these forums very long but you come off as a huge Debbie downer. Your program is in a great spot and only going to get better. CKS is a wonderful coach and you really need to be careful what you wish for.


Y’all are a bunch of ungrateful $^%#$. We haven’t been this relevant since 1982-1984. That’s almost 40 years of wandering in the desert. Out of all of the D1 basketball schools, all but about probably 10 of them would gladly trade places with us. I can’t believe some of you are complaining about “only” making it to the Sweet 16 (5 years in a row). You whiners obviously don’t remember celebrating making it to the CBI.

This is the golden era of Cougar basketball. We haven’t had this many years of sustained success EVER. Do I want to win a natty? Of course I do. Am I upset about the loss last night? Of course I am. I also know how to keep things in perspective. There is no guarantee that when Kellen takes over that we maintain the success we have. There is no guarantee we will make it to at least the Sweet 16 next year, but I’m willing to bet on it. Kelvin Sampson is the best thing to happen to this school since Lewis and Yeoman. Enjoy it.


Are you forgetting Miami last year and the first Kansas game this year?

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That’s 2 games out of 74. Games where the opponent just shot lights out and could not miss. Its not a reason to change defensive philosophy or being exposed


That’s a really poor dataset that doesn’t prove your thesis.

Crying that our team couldn’t beat another high level team after our All-American, B12 POY/DPOY, National POY/DPOY Finalist, starting PG, floor general and team captain went down for injury after we lost 2 other Level A rotational players with another starter not 100% is missing the forest for the trees.


I don’t think he’ll retire right now but in two seasons, definitely!!! I could be wrong though.

Two games that embarrassed us on national television and laid the blueprint on how to beat us.

This is year 10 of CKS, I can deal with the Duke loss last night due to Shead being hurt but the issues of missing FTs, stagnation on offense, getting ran off the court, losing to inferior teams as the higher seed, etc needs to be put on CKS.

Half of our fanbase turned on Holgorsen for his crap offense,
I will not excuse CKS for his stagnant offense.


The blueprint being play way above your average in such a way that it’s aberrational and an anomaly? Lmao this is not a serious take. I guess Duke followed that blueprint of scoring lights out with their * checks notes * measly 54 points. Good take bro


Trash replies seem to be the order of the day…


while we definitely need to make sure we have more than 1 playmaker on next years team not sure what CKS can do about having 3 players go out due to freak injuries every year lol

Thank you

Flip didn’t do too bad with the refs protecting him

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Sampson just needs to recruit guys with better heels and ankles.


If CKS had our basketball program where CDH had our football program we’d would be West Virginia in the middle of the pack on KenPom.

Instead we’re an elite program that hasn’t left the AP Top 10 in 3 years that is forging THE Golden Age of Cougar Basketball. Sorry if that’s not up to your standards. Absolutely clown take.


So it’s okay when we criticize other head coaches, but somehow we give CKS a pass ?

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