CKS Appreciation

We made the Sweet 16 5 years in a row. Great accomplishment, we’re a premiere program. A new blood. And we are NEVER going to win a national championship. Aren’t you kinda over it? Like when the 2nd weekend comes “here we go again.” Now imagine how CKS feels tonight. Times 100 what we’re feeling. There just comes a point where “yep that’s a hall of fame career, last stop at a cursed school byeee.” Not out of the realm of possibility.


The way Sampson is talking I don’t see him retiring as soon as people may think. Hes very patient. Saying things like “our time will come”


Not sure if this is a serious post but based on coach’s comments after the game he isn’t retiring yet. I think he has 3-5 years left.


Barring health issues, CKS ain’t stopping anytime soon.


I think he is back for sure next season. The way he said “It’s just not our time this season” let’s me know.


I’m hoping for another 10 years of Kelvin Sampson


Are you kidding me? He’s not going anywhere. He still has the fire to win a national championship. Did you see his reaction after beating ATM? His demeanor at the Hyatt before taking the team to the arena looked nothing like a retirement party. I hope we keep him for as long as he wants to be at Houston.


I can’t believe we have fans starting threads like this. Pathetic


might be aggie or tsip infiltrator


His contract ends in 2027, and after that Kellen takes over while he can be hired at 300k a year to advise. He ain’t goin anywhere. He’ll be 71 at that point.


What brand of watch will he get when the time comes?

Is a retirement watch even a thing anymore? :joy: :rofl: :joy:

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Are people saying they want Sampson to retire? Lol.

Now you understand mob mentality.


Sampson isn’t retiring anytime soon and rightfully so. He is an elite defensive coach, but until pundits and other fanbases start associating our teams with scoring and not just “physical and tough”, we’re not winning a Natty. Won’t even get close.

The offense needs to get fixed. Bring in a big brain analyst.

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We would’ve won without a freaky Shead injury. Then we had a shot at Final Four and that was with stars out with injuries. I think Bill Self will retire. Couldn’t get past round of 32.

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We have the opposite problem of Kentucky lol
We can play defense but cannot score when we needed it the most.

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Kentucky lost round 1 to Oakland


That’s the point, in order to win a national championship, you need a well balanced team.

As great as our defense is, you give any decent coach one week to go through tape and they can find holes similar to how we beat Syracuse in the S16 in 2021.


no reason for cks to hang it up now, just joined the best basketball conf and shown they can win it.