CKS ask for donations

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Absolutely incredible response across the country from all types of programs…all in! Went viral almost immediately. I am so happy and proud he is our coach for so many reasons.


Note: Each of the athletic programs have piggybacked on Coach Sampson’s request and have sent out their own requests.

This was from last night at midnight:

Sampson’s daughter Lauren, the director of external operations for the UH men’s basketball program, said the clothing drive has received commitments from at least 350 schools, organizations and individuals from across the nation.

Blue blood basketball programs like North Carolina, Duke, Kentucky and Arizona have pledged support. So have schools from all levels - Division II, III, NAIA, junior college and high schools. Photos of boxes ready to ship out have come from California, Idaho, Ohio and Maine. Even as far away as Canada and Puerto Rico.

“When it gets to that level, I’ll be honest,” Sampson said. "I got emotional. I get emotional talking about it because if you just see all these people around here, they have nothing and to be able to coordinate the coaches – I mean, lacrosse coaches, lacrosse teams, softball teams, California, Montana, Maine, Michigan, Florida, Arizona. Coaches from all over the country coming together to help these people here in Houston.

“It’s just amazing. Our basketball team and our program, we’re going to get on the streets and get those boxes and load them up into these trucks and we’re going take them down to the right places. I want these people to know that what you’re doing is going to make a difference and we’re going to help a lot of people with this venture.”

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