CKS ESPN interview

CKS talking about recruiting(wants vs needs), schedule, our depth, corona and more.

Best part for me is hearing him talk around the 43 minute mark.


Twitch…thought we’d see CKS playing some Fortnite.


Liked the input about grad transfers and dabbling a bit but not being concerned about it.

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lmao " i didnt know what a zoom was, i thought a zoom was what Precious Achiuwa was doing when he drove by us to get the basket"

also from the 31 minute mark to about 47min mark is the interview for anyone curious where the interview is at …
but yeah its was what i assumed earlier, we’ll make room if theres something interesting that pops up, but we like our roster and will keep it as is if we dont land them


I was really impressed with how they tailored their off season practices to each player’s individual area needed to improve.

Yes, I agree with you. That is really cool. Guys can work on those things alone on the park if they really WANT to get better.

Won’t shock me if everyone comes back

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Me either

Everyone can’t come back unless someone wants to give up their scholarship or two guys want to split one. We have one too many right now after the freshmen come in.

Can’t split basketball scholarships.

Someone’s going to have to go off scholarship. That could be because of entering the draft, taking a transfer, going without a schollie for a year (take one for the team), or academic scholarship (which isn’t as generous, typically, but lessens sting of taking one for the team).

Or, somebody might not show up? I have no insight on this, but maybe someone’s not got a test score yet or something like that?

But something’s going to have to happen . . . .

Not at any of my parks. They’ve bolted pieces of plywood on top of every rim.


Yep and a bit disappointed in the neighborhood youngsters.

Back in my day we’d have had those vandalized within one or two nights just out of principle.