CKS on with Rothstein this week

Donor support? Does this include NIL money?

And also, we need to do whatever it takes to keep Kellen….
I realize that my minuscule donations are a very small drop in a very large bucket…. But, if Kellen needs to be paid like a head coach the university needs to find a way……we have all seen how much culture and the Houston way means to the program’s success.

Coog63, thx for the link. Chris Baldwin from Paper city mag is killing it. That’s the type of coverage we all hope to see.

We have less than 3,000 Cougar Pride members. We’re dead last in the new Big 12. We have to step up.

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If we expect more members then we need to actually create a CP department, and with salaries that can hope to retain. I spoke to Landon and he said some changes were made after our Big 12 news. We need to be moving forward and come up with a plan. We have a lot of space in the AC with our basketball teams and baseball moving into their own facilities and football will be soon. A large area needs to be dedicated to CP and marketing.