CKS on with Rothstein this week


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You look at Rothstein’s twatter and he just seems like a pleasant basketball junkie. But if you watch him or listen to him he slices and dices.


Spell check :grimacing:

What’s one letter between friends?. :wink:


Ohh good point. :face_with_monocle::flushed:

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Grammar check.

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Funk, you can look at Rothstein’s twatter all day long…. Personally I’ll pass. :wink:


I just go by his positive comments as they are posted on here.

I’ve never been on twatter. And don’t plan on it unless Pearland takes it over and becomes its board chairman.

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When does the podcast drop?

2nd link is the podcast

got around to listening… so fun takeaways

  • we are going to be relying on edwards, taze and shead… doesnt intend to put too much on ramon

  • think jwan will have notable jump next year – indirectly hints it might be offensive , notes that you cant have 2 centers on the court at the same time with what the 4 can do offensively

  • the conference is better than its given credit for

  • wants to advance in the tournament, but you have to go 1 game at a time

  • we will lose a couple more games this year,

  • Doesn’t know when he will be done coaching but know his on his final lap, how long that is unknown, but will be back next year

  • kellen is coaching in-waiting but might leave if the right job comes along,

  • need increased donor support to compete at the top in the big 12


I remember very early on in the season Fabian had mentioned that j’wan came back from his home in the islands with a outside shot. If I had to guess I say we might see him take some mid range shots from the baseline.


I hope to see a Coog shoot a mini-hook one day.

Another inspiring and incredibly well written article about the masterful job
CKS is doing this year.

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This is an EXCELLENT interview. Very well done.

Definitely worth a listen!

Jwan was shooting 3s with Fabian in warmups before the ECU game and hitting just as many as Fabian. I think we’ll be seeing Jwan shoot 3s in games next year.


I finished listening and this was definitely an interesting part of the interview. He also did some bidding for Holgorsen and in general the level of financial commitment will have to really go up.

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I like JWan’s ability to put the ball on the floor and get to the basket, we just don’t need that much at this point. I can see him showing a lot more offense once our three SRs leave after this season.

That’s interesting- so, I guess even with the extra $ coming in with being in the Big 12, donors will have to step up as well. I guess that makes sense, since we’ll need to keep up with the other Big 12 schools.