Class of '18 Preferred Walk-Ons

With the 2018 class filled, we’ll probably see a few of these prior to the summer. Doesn’t mean these guys will end up with the Coogs, but you never know:

LB/RB Cavous Griffin from Alief Taylor

The guy looks like he could help us on offense or defense, kind of reminds me of Brandon Wilson.

DE/TE Cameron McEntire from Saginaw, TX - Came in for a visit during the ECU game

Long Snapper Grayson Yeager from Humble - Came in for a visit at the Tech game

ILB Melvin Larkins from St. Thomas (Teammate of Max Banes) - Was committed to SFA and had an offer to HBU, but will walk on with the Coogs

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Griffin looks like the definition of a good athlete. You just need to find a spot for him to make the most impact.

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I just watched Griffin’s highlight reel, and he seems like a tremendous all around athlete and utility player.

I’m amazed that he didn’t get a I-FBS scholarship somewhere.

what is a “preferred walk on” ?

You have a spot on the extended roster for upcoming season regardless. You will be practicing.

Regular walk-on tries out but could end up doing nothing with football.

thx- didn’t realize there was maximum/limited number of walk on spots

I think its limited just by how many human bodies can be managed by a staff at one time. At a certain point, its redundant.

Places like Nebraska & Wisconsin have walk-ons eventually play in the NFL. Hope UH can do the same with the massive amount of talent in the area.

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We do have Patrick Edwards who did it.

Wasn’t Linnel Bonner a walk on too?


Yes. A long shot to make it to the NFL, but great college career. Especially after not touching the field his first two years on the team.

I believe Vincent Marshal was a walk on as well. We also had a walk on named Matt Nicholson who started for us at lb under bridles and sumlin I believe.

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These aren’t Coogs, but pretty impressive list of former walk ons who became NFL stars, including one JJ Watt.

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Using Neb & WI example above:
Some great talent in here. Glad this UH staff is stocking up on walk ons. It will be dividends down the line.



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Always good to load up, it’s a no risk all reward scenario.

Bonner had a great Soph year as well, for Herman in 2015…Caught many big passes, including game winner on the road against Louisville, when he put finger to lips and gave their fans the “hush” sign…great clutch player.

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