Class of 2023 Offers

Dual athlete already committed to UH baseball

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Son of former UH LB Chris Pilot

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The Safety, Tackett Curtis, is a 6-2 185lb safety as a Sophomore! Holy shizzles he’s going to be a big boy in college. I would assume an outside backer that can keep up in coverage as a Coog. Impressive.

Nice looking list!

Looks like Coach Early is out there hustling.

2023? Man, I need a drink now. Where did the years go?


Chris Pilot lettered at UH in 2005, 06, 07, and 08. Now his son is a soph in HS. Time flies when you’re having fun.


offers: Texas, Arkansas, UTSA

offers: Texas, USC, Arkansas, Baylor, WVU,

offers: Texas

offers: LSU, A&M, UNT

offers: first offer

offers: Tenn, Baylor, Colorado

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offers: Bama, LSU, OU, Texas, USC, A&M, Michigan


That would be a freshman that could start day 1.


Recent offers/coaches on the road/camps.

FSU,Illinois, 4 B12 offers.

Great offers.
Missouri, Tech.


So are they rolling up to the schools in the lo-lo’s?

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The WPS flip, Wilson from Mayde Creek and Ugo would be great gets

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We lose a lot in the secondary after this season. Would love to have Ugo in this summer

Sounds like a great player. Florida St is all over him already.