Clay Helton our former QB is looking better against the

Utes … not yewts :wink:

I gather that Lynn Swannie River has already given up on him as HC.

Clay has picked up the spread and pistol well and adapted it to the trojan offense … unlike his father snores-ville offense

USC started slowly tonight but is picking up the pace now.

It would be nice for that ex Pittsburgh Steeler WR eat some crow for once.

Sidenote: Its cold and rainy as I hear there is early snow in some parts of the Rockies.

Good for Clay. USC is still hurting from those scholarship restrictions so it doesn’t make sense to keep swapping coaches. Need to give Helton until next year at least.

I know they are finally back up to full roster numbers, but their upperclassmen depth doesn’t exist. 60% of the team are true frosh and sophomores. I think on championship drive they said only OL was allowed to redshirt. Seriously might take until 2018 to get to 9-3.

Go two loss USC go. Would love to see a two or more loss team win the Pac12.

Anyone watch the SMU/TCU game? I was a little worried about SMU because they showed some life last year and they got us after a bye week, but they look terrible. I know they lost Davis, but Morris has recruited decently the last 2 years, what happened?

On PonyFans they’re calling our previous commit Ben Picks.

Ouch, tough loss for USC; led all the way until 16 seconds left. D just couldn’t hold.

Hmmm…we may have dodged a bullet there…

He’s a pocket passer. Unfortunately SMU doesn’t have time to develop him. And even worse he’ll never know. He’ll think it’s his fault. But i guess it is for going to smu.

You hear that Tee Martin -a great recruiter but not ready to be a Oc on that level.

Bizarre denied story that a player who left punched Helton before leaving team.

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