Clayton Tune starting over Ike?

All signs point to it

Not sure how to feel about it, but if that’s what the staff feels is best then LFG Tune!

I like Ike to start

Tune has leg tights on left leg.

Tune looks like it’s him



Tune’s arm strength is a little less today. Probably not wanting to drive the ball off his lower body. Great.


He threw into triple coverage and almost had a ball intercepted, then did it again. But hey, what do I know. I should never question Dana‘s judgment so long as the offense keeps humming along the way it’s been the last few games

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He is not 100 percent, it’s obvious

He looks normal to me. Not good.


He looks normal to me as well. We will lose this game.


Tune can’t hit open receivers on deep balls, not accurate. A receiver did drop one over the middle in the 2nd quarter.


And there was the one in the first half where the receiver might have lost it looking back in the sun and did not react to the pass.

I thought the Grambling State game was where we learned our lesson that you can’t trust Tune’s own assessment of his ability to play.

I am glad it worked out but having an immobile QB can come back to haunt you.

Tune literally did not look to his left until mid-way in the 4th qtr (I watched him). He stares down his receiver (always to the right, no matter how many receivers are open to his left) like his head coach stares down RedBulls, or stronger stuff. He’s been starting for 3 years now and doesn’t seem to grasp the very fundamentals of a passing attack. Even though he hit 22/30 tonight (which should be very good), but threw for only 227 yards. He tried his best to throw a couple of interceptions but, sigh, just failed that that one. For those thinking that scoring 28 on Navy is humming, consider this, Marshall scored 49 on them. Thank god we don’t play Marshall.



To be effective, I think Tune needs to be a threat to run if the pocket collapses or the coverage is good. Right now, it looks like he cannot run and I am afraid what Tulsa and Tulane can scheme to do on D to attack Tune with a hurt hammy.

I thought UH might go with Ike against Navy and try to heal Tune. In theory, I think Tulsa and Tulane on the road are the bigger challenges. Navy is better than Grambling State but I really thought Ike would start to allow Tune some time to heal.

I don’t get paid the big bucks to make those decisions though.

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Scary to think than Dana has more faith in Peg Leg Tune than any of the other 4 QBs on the roster


I did have that thought during the game. I know it was Grambling but Ike seemed ok. He had two good legs at least.

If you cannot connect on most deep balls and you cannot scramble, the D only has to focus on 10 to 15 yards. It makes it even more challenging for Tune.

I would have liked to have seen how Ike would have done against Navy.


I agree with this assessment. He still stares down receivers way too much and will throw it whether they’re open or not. That long pass late in the fourth quarter was just stupid. I really wonder what kind of coaching he’s getting.


To be fair, the offense scored 21 on Navy, not 28.