Clemson getting manhandled by Duke

Blue Devils up 21-7 late in the 4th. Klubnik just threw an interception midfield. I never seen this from Duke before.

TD Dook. 28-7.


Elko has them playing well . They went 9-4 last year , winning 5:of their last 6 including a bowl win over UCF


ACC playoff hopes riding on FSU/UNC this year.

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I’d like to see FSU in the playoffs.

I have seen enough of OSU, Clemson, Alabama, Georgia, and Ohio State.


I don’t think you will have to worry about Clemson being in the CFP.

I watched ranked teams all over the country have opening game snafus, conservative play calling, and settling into the new season with new players. The teams that were wide open returned experienced players. Colorado had plenty of new experienced players hand picked through the portal. Only a handful of the players on the Colorado team were there last season, and they aren’t starting. They did play a couple of freshmen who were extremely good.

CDH’s conservative play calling Saturday was a prudent course with a new QB and several new players in the two deep. He noted that in his Monday presser and said as they go they will open things up. But he wanted to play what Smith was comfortable with at this stage.



As noted by the sideline reporter, there was no difference in speed between Duke players and Clemson.

Week 1 had more surprises than I thought it would’ve. Bring on week 2!


Hopefully Bama is next. I want an era of parity in college football with a diverse group of teams and conferences in the playoffs. The tv executives do not.


He’s not a new qb is he? He’s a previous D1 starter.

NIL = Parity

The blue bloods can no longer stock pile all of the 4 and 5 stars


I think you mean the transfer portal. NIL by itself would actually make it even easier to stock pile talent.

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This!!! Duke, Northwestern, even SMU will be on upward trajectory’s with so much money to funnel to players (should they choose to).

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He’s new to our offense and relatively new to being a QB. I defer to Holgy to determine how ready he was; maybe you might consider Dana knows his players at least as well as you.

Sure, if he was an experienced stud QB like at Colorado had, I would guess he would have been given a freer hand.


NIL equals parity with others if you have as much in the coffers to pay like the big dogs.

No…Alabama was previously hoarding 5 stars for peanuts. Now the really have to pay for them.

Those 5 stars are now being dispersed elsewhere


Their 2023 recruiting class literally set a record for the most five stars in one class. Their roster is 90% four and five star players (leads the nation). Here’s an article from back in 2016 (pre NIL) which talks about how Bama might have the most loaded roster in college football history.

At that time their roster was just under 80% four and five stars. So if anything they’re actually hoarding even more talent.



See TX State and Colorado for reference.




They’ve been on a clear downward swing.

So has Stanford.

Their alumni, no matter how rich, simply don’t give enough of a schitt about football to fill the NIL honeypot.

That, combined with academic standards that make it tougher to utilize the transfer portal, is a recipe for irrelevance in today’s college football landscape.

How has Duke done it? Besides a great coach.

Damn!!! I wished I had not skipped this game. I figured clemson was going to blow them out.