Clemson struggling with UConn

Huskies lead 7-3. If Clemson manages to lose, I think its safe to say that their qb is done there.

If they lose my uncle will never heard the end of it from me!

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This is the state of college football these days. Teams get disregarded and then put up an unexpected fight. Just a matter of Clemson getting their minds right, I am pretty confident they will win that game.

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UConn scored.on KO return. I will be a believer when they can sustain a drive.

In other scores:
ECU 10 - Memphis 7 in 2nd
SMU 21 - UCF 14 in 1st
OU 7 - BU 0 in 2nd
Florida 21 - Samford 21 in 2nd
K St. 14 - WV 0 in 2nd
Bama 28 - NM St. 3 in 2nd
Clemson 20 - UConn 7 in 2nd