Club Level Section 300's - Entrance

All - I was allocated seats in section 341 for our game this Saturday. I called the Houston Texan’s ticket office because one of my golf buddies mentioned he thought the club level has its own entrance. He was correct as the ticket office confirmed there is only one entrance on the East side for the Club Level - Verizon East Club Entrance. So if you are on the East side Club Level just go to this entrance. Not required to go through the regular entrances. I assume the same for the West Side.

Which sections are club level?

NICE! Thanks for the heads up.

Duce630 - Club level in NRG are the sections in the 300’s.

Nice. Guess that includes me. Wasn’t sure if it was only part of that level, like at the Peach Bowl.

Also - If interested in concession options I think the club level probably has the best rated and along with that the most expensive(?)

My tickets ended up 300’s section in the end zone. These level of 300’s are not club. Club is probably 333-342.

I looked at a NRG seating chart “Club Level” and qwanseeker appears to be correct because the end zones are labeled “Mezzanine” and the sidelines are “East Club” and “West Club.”