CMA Will Handle Bowl-Game Play-Calling

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Cary, where are you at friend? Thoughts? lol

It makes sense he won’t hire anyone till after the bowl game. What else are you supposed to think?

Oh nothing, I just remembered the whole predictability claims regarding BJ and CMA. I wonder if the offense will magically be unpredictable due to CMA calling plays. Like the Cage Sway, We gon’ see. lol

Johnson was predictable, not Applewhite

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Are we going to have a unified team warm up after half or just walk to the side line?

Applewhite rules, haters.

Good question, didn’t see unified warmups after half time entire season. Any reason given why this stopped.

Put me down as fan of unified warmup. I think it can be intimidating to see the guys getting ready for second half.

We get a real glimpse at his rancid play calling. UH gets smoked by Fresno.

Yeah, that :peach: bowl trophy that his offense got us really sucks… so rancid.


I guess we’ve forgotten the fall of our OL in the last two seasons


Question…with Major calling the plays, despite not being up in press box where he can see, i presume one of our other coaches will have that duty and be hooked up with Applewhite? Any idea who, and how the process will work, play to play? I have confidence that Major will call a good game…We are FAR more healthy this year than last.


Shouldn’t be a big deal. Lot OC’s call from sideline. Kingsbury does it. Malzahn did. It’s a matter of preference.
Whoever is up there will I guess give feedback to CMA the same they did to CBJ.
In my opinion…just my opinion, the defense “eyes in sky” are more important because the offense personnel subs dictate what the DC will call or sub . So CMD or any DC will have a coach whose job it is to watch offensive subs and let him know how many WR, TE, RB’s etc…while he’s looking at play call chart.
So CMA subs are based on what defense is doing and he will get feedback on that from upstairs, but he’s more dictating opponent defense subs by who he runs on and off.


Oh boy, I was definitely into his play calling in last year’s bowl game vs SD St. Luv me some dozen or so bubble screens to the wideout for 0-1 yds each.


Good question. If he was to get help, his choices right now are Pope, Casey, Guiton, and Scelfo on offense.

Scelfo is a former Tulane head coach so it isn’t like he can’t help out with the coaching.