Coach Applewhite Article

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I am digging this article!

Major has the chops. Want to see his DC hire, but I think we pick up some intriguing recruits going forward. I think we’ll be in good hands.

Don’t want to give a whorn site clicks… I’ll take your word for it.


Overall a good article, but inaccurate. We do not return our entire secondary, we lose both Howard and Brian Wilson.

Wow, is Christmas really over? Just think what it brought UH. People who really know football are ecstatic about this hire. Major checks off on every single attribute any program would seek in hiring a new head coach.

Today’s Chronicle ran a feature story on a recommit headed for UT. You would think this one event would change the direction of UH football from its tone. Typical Chronicle. There will no doubt be other decommits as part of the transition. In the long run they are insignificant when measured against the potential Major Applewhite brings to UH’s tradition rich program.

We can all expect great things as this new leadership settles in. UH’s football future has never been brighter. Is it too much to expect another NY6 next year? Definitely within reason. #GoCoogs