Coach Applewhite on 790 with Matt Thomas Friday at 12:50

Applewhite is on the Jul 28th episode starting at around 35:05 and lasts until 50:20

  • Talks about how the NCAA changed the rules, can be around players, but no footballs or playbooks. All about strength and conditioning
  • Strength and Conditioning coach is the culture coach because of how much time players have to be around them
  • Player leaders run the player-run drills once the football is on the field
  • Takes something from everyone that he works with: former head coaches, former assistants, current assistants. Everything has to be custom fit to current team
  • Change process starts with staff alignment, go in and explain to players what you’re trying to do, players have a deliberate practice. Don’t want to be mindless and do a routine that doesn’t improve anything
  • Didn’t spend a lot of time watching Kyle Allen at A&M because he didn’t know offense and what they were trying to do. Kyle wanted a fresh start and coach has tried to give it to him. Allen has wanted to know the system and get in the weeds of the offense. CMA said he was a shy guy as a player and said it hurt him in regards to relationships, told Allen to go spend time with teammates to develop leadership and camaraderie. Says he’s done a good job with that and is very prideful in his preparation.
  • Offensive Line is going into camp healthy. Looks for OL to take a huge step forward. Praises Greg Ward for what he did the last few years and the shots he took, hid a lot of problems with the OL. A lot of guys back including 3 seniors up front.
  • Had a conversation with King in the spring; King said hes willing to do anything to be on the field. Applewhite wants him to be a QB and wants depth because of the injuries the past few seasons. Wants 3 solid QBs (Allen, Postma, King) first before figuring out what else to do with him. Once that’s settled, will figure out what to do with King otherwise, but he will play a role this season somehow. Praised King’s attitude and willingness to do anything for the team.
  • 10 guys, 256 starts left on defense the last two years. Talented guys in the defense, but just haven’t been depended on to be a starter yet. Holes in secondary and replacing Bowser. Looking forward to seeing who steps up to fill those holes.
  • Special Team meetings start things off Monday at 6:30 in the morning.
  • Will continue to use the Texans practice bubble for now if inclement weather, usually in the morning. So much about fall camp is about sleep and hydration.
  • CMA asks Matt if he’s wearing his Crocs, which Matt gets upset about (jokingly). Matt explains afterwards that he’ll get back at David Bassity for that.