Coach Clements official with FLST

Per Bruce Feldman: Clements has been hired as OL Coach at FLST

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well bye


Dont let the door hit you on you way out!


Being reported that he left all game notes from Armed Forces Bowl game against Army somewhere in Amon G. Carter Stadium parking lot.

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The thing I tend to forget is he signed a new contract for job security. But he signed on with ( a dead man walking ). Briles did us a huge favor by pulling his B’s and moving on

So does this mean the UH athletic department should be expecting a check with a Tallahassee postmark on it?

There were games notes !

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So who is the new rb coach.

After we get our check, he’s dead to me

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I considered him gone when all this drama unfolded. No patience for this soap opera crap but I understand it happens, etc. etc.

You forgot this