Coach Herman on 790 this morning

On with Matt and Lance this morning:

University of Houston’s head coach Tom Herman caught up with Matt and Lance and discussed the team’s huge win over Oklahoma on Saturday, how they prepared for the game, the great performance of the defense in the second half, and what adjustments they made to slow down the Sooners.

Lot of praise for King


Thank you. Will CTH do weekly radio on 790? If so what time? Thanks

He’s normally on 790 every Thurs at 8:30am. Not sure about next week though due to the game.

Love it! He always signs off with “Go Coogs!”

He really wanted the 7 they left on the carpet. 40 - 23 does have a nice ring to it though!

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UH took it easy on Oklahoma in the 4th quarter. That was an old school beat down.

We completely took our foot off the gas pedal in the 4th quarter. Ward and Dunbar destroyed their DBs all game long with back shoulder throws and we completely quit doing it. I understand to an extent, as we needed to run clock. But we just weren’t able to run well on them and would have liked to have seen us put up some more points. I think if we would have scored from the 1 in the 4th quarter, we would have won 40-17. Putting up another TD would taken the wind completely our of their sails. Anyone who actually watched the game knows it wasn’t as close as 33-23, but sure would have liked the score to say 40-17 or even 40-23.

If you watch replay of gm its clear when Ward hurt his shoulder, announcers even mention it. Then when series was over he ran to end of bench and Trainer/Dr followed him . Were very conservative after that in that he didn’t throw any long pssses or throw at all.

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