Coach Herman on Great Day Houston

He ribs UT when she tries to bring up his Master’s Degree. Love it haha

“I went to UT”… “I’m sorry to hear that”… awesome

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Coach is amazing! Who can’t help loving this guy! He does everything right.

Anybody know if there is a youtube link to this video? I’m trying to make a gif of Herman rejecting UT but I can’t do it with the link provided above.

You can download the video using the extension add-on called Videodownloadhelper, which is available on both Chrome and Firefox browsers. I think IE has it too but I’ve never tried it personally.

I’ve uploaded a copy to following link:

If you create this GIF, please repost it here. I want to save it to my favorite GIFs and endlessly harass some UT friends through Facebook and text. Thanks in advance.

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Enjoy! I also posted a short video on Twitter that I can’t upload here. @MattCavUH

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Gracias, sir!

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Nice find! Thanks for sharing. I am going to do my UH duty and share! #comeandtakehim

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